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     Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Day off

    Well, with Anzac day yesterday I got paid to sit around and do bugger
    all. This was just what I needed. Very happy. I played scrabble online
    in bed all afternoon after sleeping in until lunchtime. Perfect!

    I've also started trying to learn two and three letter words off by
    heart while I am between calls at work. Whee! I'll get better. One day I
    might even be able to beat Tanya. Or my Nana, Aunty Betty or Aunty Gwen
    - imagine that?

    Anyway, we had a meal at the Robin Hood for Oscar's birthday which was
    most excellent. Nice bunch of people there + great food
    + pretty setting + Plenty of wine = Great night!

    Posted at 6:50 AM #

    Not a comment, more of a suggestion. A few suggestions:

    1. Posting from your email is more than just an expense you don't need - not if you already have the internet at home!

    2. An email disclaimer is included in your last post. It shows some interesting information about your day job. I doubt they want to know you are emailing from work, even if during your lunch break.

    3. This third thing is possibly being created by your, or is automated: Find a way to remove the < br > 's from your posts. When your site is viewed in a browser wider than 800x600, each line finishs either too early or only two words on the next line.

    4. Check out how your blog looks in Mozilla Firefox. Trust me. If you only do one thing that I suggest, this should be the one.

    From a friendly first-time viewer of your site.
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