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     Friday, February 24, 2006

    A most productive day..
    I've stayed in tonight thinking I would have a lazy night in.. and I've accidentally done heaps. I applied for a really cool job, I found some extremely useful websites that will help my new business, I've finished reading a book, I've listened to a lot of cool music.. um I'm sure I did some other stuff. Anyway it all seems to be counting as a productive evening anyway.

    And after today that makes the whole day just that much better. Today I managed to sort so much shit out. I have appointments lined up for all of monday.. meaning that by the end of Monday I'll hopefully have a job, be enrolled in Music at The Con and be well on the way to selling my share of the house to Jayne and Vinnie. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.. contemplating getting it dyed too.. although that's expensive. Hopefully, by the end of tomorrow I'll have some idea where I'm going to live too.

    Things are good. *bounce* *bounce*

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