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     Monday, February 13, 2006

    Let's see if I can get into this again...
    I really have been neglecting this blog. I have been more keen to lock down posts and stuff.. so it's all been LJ posts. That usually means the posts are more depressing, but sometimes it means more gossip. Whatever :)

    Either way, if you want to know more details you will have to visit My Livejournal and get a login so I can add you as a friend or you will never be able to see anything I write.

    Um, well that was a nice try. I don't have much I'd like to say on here as I've been over posting to LJ.

    I have no job. I am not currently studying, although I am looking to enrol in music late if they will let me. IV is over and I can have my life back. I have a new boy. For a change I am actually happy. Go figure. :)

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