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     Friday, February 17, 2006

    Attempt at an update
    Hrm, well I am looking for a place at the moment with Jason. Tomorrow we'll be house hunting all day and then maybe finally I will not be living on Damien's floor. Katie has a friend who also needs a house and flatmates.. so we're considering talking to this girl and moving in with a complete stranger. Could be fun!

    I have some sort of strange illness (the doctor doesn't know what it is) which I am trying to treat, but the medicine seems to be making me feel worse.. Gnargh.

    I've just realised how much of a web 2.0 addict I am. I love my blog toys. :)

    Bruce has just gone back home and I am distracting myself merrily so I don't miss him too much. He is a most awesome person. *sigh*

    Last night Bruce and I ate burgers and drank a couple of bottles of red while floating around in Damien's pool under fairy lights. Since it was 35 yesterday it was a gorgeous night and a most fantastic time. Really beautiful.

    Ah, who am I kidding? I miss him already. :) Life is GREAT!

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