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     Sunday, January 08, 2006

    I'm noticing that now that I've set up funky scripts to collect my delicious links and post to my blog (rather than overdoing the "blog this" fuction) that I've ended up with rather a lot of posts in a row of just links. So I felt I had to write something.. and should really post here more often again.

    I've been posting most things to my LJ just because they're silly memes or private stuff that I just want to share with a few people. Which is kind of the point.. but I haven't really just written about normal stuff for a while.

    Today we had a huge committee meeting for IV.. which took forever. So much to do. It nearly killed us all though. We came out wrecked. And now I am too poor to go watch "The Goonies" at the moonlight cinema.. Damien's coming over soon and we will watch something random on DVD or play cards or dribble shit or something. Yay. :)

    Last night's housewarming was brilliant. I think everyone that came had fun.. and Alasdair and I had fun.. which is special for the hosts.. :) The house is thoroughly warmed. And still trashed because I can't be fucked cleaning up yet.. and obviously neither could Alasdair. *sigh* Later. Later. Later. So not now.

    Highlights of the night included me smashing a full martini glass with a phone... and killing the phone also. Way to go me. heh.

    Right, well Damien's here. Going now.

    Posted at 11:09 AM #

    Hmm, have you tried 43things for getting things done?
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