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     Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Centrelink Suck
    I got a letter the other day saying something along the lines of "Now that you've finished studying you'd better make an appointment to see us and sign a piece of paper or else we'll cut you off". So I rang them and they said "Just see someone when you had your form in". Okay, So when I handed my form in they said "We'll make an appointment for you for the 10th January".

    So I go in today for my appointment. I had to wait in a line for 20 minutes to tell them I was there.. then waited around for a while until I could see someone who was obviously pissed off that I was late for my appointment... which I was on time for.. but couldn't let them know I was there for 20 minutes. Anyway, I get into the appointment and they realise that they've called me up too early and they have to reschedule for mid February. So that's all I did at my appointment which wasted an hour of my life.. I rescheduled.


    Posted at 5:15 AM #

    I hate them too, My mum recently got a letter from them saying that she would no longer receive childcare allowance for her two sons. Now the thing is her sons are in their mid twenties hahaha. And she never did put them in childcare when they were young anyway. There was no Childcare allowance back then either.

    They would kind of look out of place now, I can't imagine any childcare wanting to take on adults can you.

    Anyway nice to see a fellow Adelaidian blogging.
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