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     Saturday, December 31, 2005

    links for 2005-12-31

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     Thursday, December 29, 2005

    Busy Busy Busy
    IV stuff is keeping me extremely busy at the moment.

    I will be happy for the festival to actually be happenning!!

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     Monday, December 26, 2005

    Went to see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".. it was fairly cool, but I'm not sure why they thought it was necessary over the BBC production. *shrug*

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     Sunday, December 25, 2005

    links for 2005-12-25

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     Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    King Kong Rocked!

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     Sunday, December 18, 2005

    oh god, what have i done now?
    Thoughts along these lines:

    do i mean anything to you?

    oh god, what have i done now?

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     Friday, December 16, 2005

    Community Voice Mail | Amazon Challenge | Hurricane Katrina Relief
    Community Voice Mail | Amazon Challenge | Hurricane Katrina Relief: "Community Voice Mail provides free, 24-hour nationwide voice mail to people in crisis - connecting them to jobs, housing and hope - a deceptively simple concept with extraordinary impact."

    Awesome idea.

    Posted at 11:27 PM # | Comments

    SWAPATORIUM: Spiky Star
    SWAPATORIUM: Spiky Star

    Okay, I am really having far too many "blog this" moments today.. but it is really cool!

    Posted at 11:20 PM # | Comments

    Bad-ass Brass Knuckle Implants []
    Bad-ass Brass Knuckle Implants []


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    Discover Music - Pandora
    Discover Music - Pandora

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    Cute Overload! ;)
    Cute Overload! ;)

    Yup.. this really is far too much cute. Awww.

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     Thursday, December 15, 2005


    "Dad was ticked for a while and he forbid Mom to talk to anybody on the Internet ever again," said embarrassed Daniel.

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     Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    Geek Christmas song doing the rounds..
    better !pout !cry
    better watchout
    lpr why
    santa claus town

    cat /etc/passwd >list
    ncheck list
    ncheck list
    cat list | grep naughty >nogiftlist
    cat list | grep nice >giftlist
    santa claus town

    who | grep sleeping
    who | grep awake
    who | egrep 'bad|good'
    for (goodness sake) { be good }

    Posted at 11:40 PM # | Comments

    Coopers dismisses Lion Nathan
    Indaily: "Coopers shareholders have effectively stopped Lion Nathan's takeover bid for the Adelaide brewer. They voted overwhelmingly to remove Lion Nathan from the Coopers constitution at this morning's extraordinary general meeting at Coopers Brewery. The shareholders voted 1,153,519 to 81,293 - or 93.42 per cent to 6.58 per cent of the shares cast - to remove references to Lion Nathan from the Coopers constitution. A vote of 75 per cent was required to carry the motion. An overwhelming 97 per cent of shares eligible to vote participated in the meeting. 'It doesn't get much more decisive than this,' said managing director Tim Cooper. 'The shareholders have spoken and have said to Lion Nathan: 'Go away.'' The Cooper brothers celebrated with shareholders today, riding atop a Coopers cart drawn by their famous Clydesdale team, with a sign attached to the back of the cart: 'Sam & Jacob say 'Not For Sale''"

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     Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    I've finished TAFE
    I just called TAFE again - the lady in the tourism office says I am all signed off and someone is in the process of writing me a letter to tell me I have passed all the subjects I applied for credit for.

    Done! Yay!

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    I just finished my assignment and handed it up. Yay!

    This is significant because if all of the credit I applied for actualy gets approved (which I am fairly sure it will) then I will have fnished my course! Yay!

    So now I celebrate with a jog and then lunch... then piles of IV stuff I've ben postponing for the last few days.

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     Sunday, December 11, 2005

    I am becoming an expert in procrastination. There's always another small distraction that I can let myself explain away because I know it will only take 5 minutes.

    Ugh and I am so TIRED.

    Worky work work.

    Posted at 11:43 PM # | Comments

    How to make a clicker with a multitrip

    How to make a clicker with a multitrip

    Wow this is about as Adelaide as it gets.

    Posted at 11:28 PM # | Comments

    Foto's Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art 2005 - Etching voorbeelden
    Foto's Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art 2005 - Etching voorbeelden

    Posted at 5:46 PM # | Comments

    BBC pulls plug on Dalek lesbian romp flick | The Register
    BBC pulls plug on Dalek lesbian romp flick | The Register: "Those readers who have ever wondered in an idle moment how a couple of Daleks would respond to the presence of three naked lesbians romping in their Mothership might recently have found the answer in the shape of a sci-fi smutfest entitled 'Abducted by the Daleks'.

    Sadly, however, you'll have to wonder on because the BBC and the estate of Dalek creator Terry Nation have moved swiftly to pull the plug on the the trundling salt-cellars' intergalactic rumpy-pumpy."

    Posted at 2:27 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, December 10, 2005

    Band Name Maker - Random Name Generator - Band Name Maker
    Band Name Maker - Random Name Generator - Band Name Maker:

    Pond Llama
    Childhood Tomato
    Sinister Lounge
    Jagged Comment
    Arrested Gizmo
    Girl Shift
    Girl Society
    Girl Hamburger
    Girl Illusion
    Girl Chorus
    Girl Nemesis


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     Friday, December 09, 2005

    Ship of Fools: The 12 Days of Kitschmas
    Ship of Fools: The 12 Days of Kitschmas

    Cecilia told me about these.. and now I have seen the scariness for real. :P

    Posted at 2:21 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Boy has a bike
    Alasdair just got home with his new bike, ripped all the crud off and took off. *sigh* so much for the grand night in :P

    I took a photo of him and the bike just as he left.. but it'll be a while before I can get it off my phone since the computer is still being sorted out. Cute. He's so happy.

    Posted at 8:43 AM # | Comments

    Money Woes
    I really need some casual work or something to get some money in asap. :(

    Posted at 12:49 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Today's Mundaneness
    I have unpacked some stuff, changed my address with a whole lot of organisations, backed up my entire digital world and blown away all my files for a good hard re-install on my desktop *holds breath*

    I am supposed to be working, but it really was too much of a pain in the arse without re-installing. So, today gets wasted and tomorrow I work even harder than I was going to.

    In the meantime, I am going to make banana muffins to detract from the geekiness of this all and make it feel like I spent a leisurely day at home doing things I really wanted to.

    I got really jealous of Clare making peanut brittle yesterday. I keep thinking it would be nice to spend the day relaxing and baking etc.. but then I realise I would very quickly become a 50's housewife and require valium just to keep smiling. Okay, so an inbetween would be nice :)

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    Emergency Naptime Procedures Implelemted
    Emergency Naptime Procedures Implelemted: "

    Extreme Kickass Mode Switch: OFF.

    I always love watching 'When Seemingly Innocent Girls Attack' on Fox.

    ~ Serenity ~


    Ahh Simon, you could've let us know your sister had a Buffy complex."

    Posted at 12:12 AM # | Comments

     Monday, December 05, 2005

    Went to see "The Corpse Bride" at Arndale because Alasdair had free tickets. It was weird. The cool factor was that it was very Burton-esque, but the crappy part was the singing!! If you ever see it you will know what I mean. :)

    Posted at 9:50 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, December 03, 2005

    The Forbes Fictional 15 -
    The Forbes Fictional 15 - "Collectively, we are fascinated by the super-rich. We devour their biographies. We hang on their advice. Maybe we even hope for their downfall. But in our attempts to explain the ultra-rich--and their super-inflated bank accounts--we are often guilty of reducing real people to mere caricatures. There is the monopolist. The oracle. The genius. The thief.

    With the Forbes Fictional 15, we have taken the opposite approach--fiction’s caricatures are elevated to the status of real people."

    Lucius Malfoy and Willy Wonka are in the top 15 richest fictional characters. :)

    Posted at 1:25 AM # | Comments

    Scary People
    Yesterday I saw a perfectly normal looking person suddenly take out a teddy bear and scream "Trick or treat! Fooled them! Fooled Them!" over and over again while kissing the bear. Most of the bus looked stunned, but we were all very calm and understanding.. until one of us got the giggles and infected the rest of us.

    God it was hard not to laugh. :)

    Weird thing was I saw this lady on two buses. The second bus she was really quiet, but she was hugging the teddy bear.

    Posted at 1:14 AM # | Comments

    Adelaide IV!

    Posted at 12:46 AM # | Comments

     Friday, December 02, 2005

    Just in case you don't know
    I'm the person who steals your exclamation marks when you are sleeping?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!?!!!?!?!?!?!

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     Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Numa Numa: Fat Guy Singing
    Apparently not everyone I know has seen this yet. I thought everyone had.

    Warning: Needs Sound!

    Original Fat Guy Singing Numa Numa

    With Added Stuff

    The original is the best - I think they should just use that as the film clip :)

    EDIT: Okay so I'm weird and I've looked into this song a bit more. There are more flash animations to it.. the Japanese kittens one is apparently what Gary Brolsma (The guy singing) was singing along to. It's actually a Romanian Band singing about how much they love trees.. and an italian band claims they ripped off their song.

    Wikipedia entry

    Numa numa lego

    The original Parody: With Japanese kittens

    "Dragostea Din Tea" Lyrics

    (Original Version sung in Romanian by O-Zone)

    - Phoenetic pronounciation in brackets


    Alo Salut sunt eu un haiduc (Allo, salut, sint yel, un hydook,)
    Si te rog iubirea mea primeste fericirea. (she teraw, youbeera mah, primesh der, vericheera,)
    Alo alo sunt eu Picasso (Allo, Allo, sint yel, Picasso,)
    Ti-am dat beep si sunt voinic (Tiam dat beep, she sen voynic,)
    Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic. (un dar sege ti notes cher nimeek)

    Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma nu ma iei (vrais a pleche dar numa numa i-ay)
    Nu ma nu ma iei nu ma nu ma nu ma iei. (numa numa i-ay numa numa numa i-ay)
    Chipul tau si dragostea din tei (kipul tow she dragosta din tay,)
    Mi-amintesc de ochii tai. (ma mintesc day oki ti-ay)

    Te sun sa-ti spun ce simt acum (Desoon, set spoon, cheseet, ah kum)
    Alo iubirea mea sunt eu fericirea. (Allo, youbeera mah, sint yel, vericheera)
    Alo alo sunt iarasi eu Picasso (Allo, Allo, sint yarshio, Picasso,)
    Ti-am dat beep si sunt voinic (Tiam dat beep, she sen voynic,)
    Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic. (un dar sege ti notes cher nimeek)


    Posted at 11:48 PM # | Comments

    Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire! Was awesome :)

    Alasdair and I had Clare, Oscar, Cecilia and Crag around for dinner before trundling down to the Picadilly to watch the movie. Great night!

    Posted at 11:30 AM # | Comments