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     Friday, November 18, 2005

    Cat Reference
    I had to get a written cat reference for this new house (Increased our chances etc). Given that Adrian had never been asked for anything quite so silly in his life, I found the response to be really cute.

    This letter is to confirm that for an 18 month period during 2003 and 2004, Schroedinger and her owner Ms. Angela Randall boarded at my primary place of residence. Schroedinger was fully house-trained and at no time did she defecate or urinate inside the house other than in her kitty-litter. She did not damage or cause damage to any furniture in the house and confined her claw-sharpening to an appropriate scratching post. Schroedinger shared the house with another elderly female cat, and while there were occasional personality clashes, these were not significant and did not disturb the sleep of either myself or Ms. Randall. In summary, Schroedinger is well-trained, intelligent and a good-natured cat and I would not hesitate to commend her to any home-owner.

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