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     Friday, June 03, 2005

    Bored at work - Very slow night

    Well, since the ruling that we are not allowed to read papers, magazines, homework etc when it's completely dead at work I have been wondering exactly what it is I will do when it's dead on a Friday night. I mean, no-one wants to get a call on a Friday night asking how they are going with their loan application. Most likely they'll be at the pub and not even answer their phone. And if they do answer they will only be grumpy at your poor timing.

    So, I have spent the last 20 minutes staring at the wall. Since I'm on my period and my panadol hadn't kicked in yet that's probably all I was capable of doing anyway... so no loss. Pretty boring wall though.

    Basically, without reading material allowed I am reduced to the very few websites I am allowed to view through the firewall.. and anything I can do by email.

    So.. my next few hours are going to involve the white and yellow pages, footy tips, mbf, beyond blue, cancer sa... and blogging by email.

    I can send IV emails but they almost always bounce and I don't have any of my materials at work... makes it hard to do.


    I guess I can't complain. It's better than doing actual work. :)

    So this is me.. not complaining. Rather, wasting time by typing just for something to do.

    I just rang home and had a chat with Ali. Party things progressing nicely - shoes and cakes and visitors and the like. Yay!

    Finally, my panadol seems to have kicked in. Now I only have to deal with the space cadet side effects of being a girl at this time of month. Oh well. I guess it's like free drugs. Whee! (Or not)

    Well, my team has decided to go in the x-lotto mega draw tomorrow night.. if we win I think we should all submit resignation letters that simply say the winning numbers. :) The likelihood of winning is so low, though. :(


    I swear, working in a boring job makes you so bored that your brain actually stops bothering to try anymore.

    Posted at 10:32 AM #

    I think that's the problem with boring and dangerous jobs - people stop caring and then *bam* lose an arm in a nasty telemarketing accident. :)
    Last time I had a similar prohibition I started writing a novel. I'm sure you've mentioned wanting to write a book before!
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