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     Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    Are you as bored as me?
    Travel Compensation Fund

    INSURANCE CONTRACTS ACT 1984 - SECT 21 The insured's duty of disclosure

    You'd be as bored as I am right now if you read all of that shite too. :(

    Gawd. I'm skipping AUCS for this?!?!? I just want to headbutt my monitor. I did a crappy presentations today (the people we were presenting to turned up 1.5 hrs into the lecture.. so we had to WAIT!!). Friday night after I hand in these three assignments, do my two tests/mini exams and finish a late shift at work I am going to be partying very hard.. and so will Ali!!! Yay!! ACCU drinks at The Heritage/Jimmy Rowes/whatever it's called now. Then party at home. Really looking forward to it. *sigh* I miss free time. Right. Back to the work.

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