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     Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Shitty AIV Meeting
    Last night would have to be the worst AIV meeting to date. We had a really successful Easterfest and I invited people to write reports on Easterfest relating to their positions so we could analyse what worked and what didn't before AIV proper. Seemed like a sensible idea - especially since we will want the info for a final report and best to get it while it's still fresh in our minds. Also, it was to get us to have shorter reports because we knew it was already written down. We had 3 new members to the committee who are rightfully horrified and probably won't want to come back. Almost every report was long winded and involved someone complaining about me. Sure, I'm not perfect. Some of the things I did were not the best way to do it. But this was really nasty. The people who I spend the most time working with on the AIV committee pretty much told me to fuck off. The people who I spend the least time with pretty much told me I do nothing. A few comments were completely wrong and offensive. Those comments should have been said to me personally. And that coming from people who I thought were my friends. Most irritatingly, people were criticising me (rightfully or wrongfully) and not taking into account their own actions and how that affected the weekend. I realise that as convenor you end up taking the blame for anything that goes wrong and never get praise for the things that go right. But, for a festival that went really well it was a lot of blame. And so many things that needed to be discussed were ignored in favour of blaming me for something else. I'm still really angry about it. I have only slept about 20 minutes all night.

    Posted at 9:50 PM #

    That really does sound shitty - the whole lot of it - and I reckon you've got every reason to be just a tiny bit pissed off. It's one thing for people to tell you these things to yur face but quite another for them to have it in writing without prior consultation or warning. I used to attend monthly meetings at work where we voiced disapproval of our own and others' actions and ways of combating these problems but we never kept quiet and then exploded in writing.

    I'm shit at handing out advice, so I won't, but maybe you're succeeding at what you do. I say this from the fact that people are recognising your effort, whether they see it as a positive or a negative contribution.

    P.S. If you feel like blowing off some steam and laughing a bit, check out what I'm doing.
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