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     Friday, April 01, 2005

    Delayed posts
    Okay, so I haven't written anything for AGES. I did send a post from work the other day (Tuesday 29th) about weird dreams i had the night before, but it doesn't seem to have arrived yet.

    The 18-20th were AUCS camp at Longwood. That was a great weekend. I had a ball.

    25th - 28th was Easterfest. Since I was organising it I had heaps of work to do, but somehow I still had a fantastic time. Yay! The general attitude is that a fantastic weekend was had by all, so I'm happy.

    Yesterday I had a seriously crappy flu. I spent all day just lying around staring at the walls because I had no energy to move. I ate easter eggs when I was hungry because I could do that without getting out of bed. Someone eventually turned the tv on for me, but I couldn’t understand it anyway. Today I’m feeling a little better, so I will go to work. Still feeling really weak.

    This weekend is FUCS camp, so I'm looking forward to that. :) Missing Katie's party tonight which is a bummer though. Jason Standing and Molly Kendall are both having parties I will probably have to miss on Saturday. Some relly bashing Sunday.

    Alice just sent me an SMS saying she is now (as of 5 seconds ago) a registered midwife. Yay! Big party tonight for her at camp!

    Next weekend is Benno and Claire's wedding in Melbourne and Rachael's hen's night in Adelaide. On the same night. I don't think I can make it to Melbourne :(

    And now I hear Michelle and Aden are getting married too. Yay for them! On another note, I'm now one of very few of my old friends who isn't married off.

    What a crazy life - weddings all the time!

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