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     Tuesday, April 12, 2005


    I'm in training which is infuriating enough... But this is some of the worst
    debating, discussion and SPELLING I have seen in ages.

    bonus's instead of bonuses
    patients " " patience
    My landlady used the word "diarise" which would be a cool word if it existed.

    Also, I watched "Roger & Me" the other day and found that "Partier" was not
    in an old version of the scrabble dictionary. Some poor woman (who had been
    told that she wasn't allowed her 7 letter word) in a tournament advised that since "partier"
    didn't exist we should all make sure we never claim to be one. :) Right! No
    more parties. Actually this all seems to be wrong. Partier is accepted by the scrabble dictionary now..

    Hey, did anyone else notice that e-scrabble has died?
    So upsetting. I shall
    have to find another.

    Sometimes I really think I should run a restaurant. The amount they get away
    with charging is rude!

    Ooh! And in news: Fiona is pregnant! Yay for Daniel and Fiona!

    What are crayons made from? And I don't mean what Americans mean by crayons
    - I can distinguish between coloured pencils (with wood) and the other
    stuff. Is it wax? Plastic? Something else entirely? Just that I read the
    packet and it gave me no indication whatsoever. And do you know you can
    erase crayon with a normal pencil eraser? I didn't. But the eraser came with
    the crayons so I tried it. It didn't work very well, but it worked. You can
    see I learned heaps today in training. *Sigh*

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