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     Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    A spare moment! Wow!

    For a boring job, I can certainly be very busy at work! I kind of envy the people who can do their own thing in quiet moments of their job. Sometimes I can too - as long as my own thing involves emailing. :)

    So, I've not really had any real time to dedicate to my big question: Can I start my business now?
    It's a bit freaky to think of not having a guaranteed income. So, to save myself that issue I'd have to keep working until my business is comfortably afloat. Then there's the other question: How am I supposed to get things rolling when I am studying and working? I have only one answer: No spare time. It's the only way.
    So, when all my friends hassle me because they never get to see me they will at least know I have a good reason. I'm busy. :(

    But then, there's the other option. Keep working jobs I hate. Not! :) Though, I'm working on a proposal for ACCU so I can do a project I am interested in and will benefit the company greatly (and no-one else seems to be doing it). So, that will keep me interested when I am here (if they let me do it)!

    *sigh* Things are going to get much harder before they get easier, that's for sure.

    At least organising AIV seems to be on track. There's always room for improvement, but the bulk of things are exactly where they should be at this stage.

    Tonight I'm meeting Rachael to talk weddings! Yay! I'm feeling pretty poor though, so it won't be a late one.

    I am in a world where socialising, fun and excercise is sorely neglected most of the time. I'm feeling fat and flabby and I'd love to spend 3 hours a day in the gym - I just don't have 3 hours spare. :(

    Also It's hard to do anything when you have to be at work regular hours. Would I be better off going on Austudy? Or would they stuff me around again? I think they would. I can only rely on income I earn. But business income is scary, unreliable income too (for a while). How can I make it instantly viable? See, I don't even really have time to *think* about my options clearly - let alone act. :(

    If I was studying and running my business, I would have plenty of time to organise some cool events and get my business whipped into shape. Problem is, events have to have publicity lead time so that they get an audience. And to run events I need spare time to start it.. Aargh! Catch 22!  

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