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     Thursday, February 24, 2005

    i used to believe
    I really like some of the cute stories from I used to believe. Here's some from today's mailout:

    "I used to believe that if someone offered to give you their phone number, you would have to actually permanently swap your home phone numbers. I liked my phone number, so I would always turn people down when they offered me theirs. - anonymous"

    "i used to imagine a heart attack occurring when somebody's heart somehow pops out of their chest and starts attacking the victim. i honestly believed this until 8th grade, when we learned about functions of the heart. - Lub-dub"

    "When I was about six I had a pen pal in Colorado. I thought that because they didn't live in a shoreline state they had never seen water before so I would go down the street to the beach and put some water in bags and mail the water to them, attempting to explain what it was. - Danielle"

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