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     Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    Blog updates
    Alice just rushed off to check my newly updated blog so she would know what's going on in the house. So I'd better tell her. Currently Alice is in the lounge room checking my blog. Ali and Jason are making lasagne in the kitchen. I am blogging in my room. Michael is on his way over. Last night many people dropped in and drank wine. Wilky made us all yummy food. It was all good. We are coming to terms with the fact that IV is over and we all have to work again. Our house is like a post IV zone. People are a bit depressed that they are back at home, working and no longer have 200 people to have lunch with. Also we're all broke now. Rather than waiting for an actual post-IV party (which is only on Saturday night) or a post-IV mini fest (which is only at Easter) people are dropping in here, hoping the party is still on.

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