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     Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Funny Quote
    "There are limited games you can play on a bed" - Jenny Larter (with connect 4 in her hand)

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     Monday, November 29, 2004

    News - Leisure going Pro-AM
    News: "Leisure gets serious
    Gifted amateurs who pursue a hobby to a professional standard are having an increasingly important influence on everyday life. James Burleigh and Tom Pettifor report on the revenge of the nerds"

    Posted at 8:58 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Trim & Stoned. Nice Posted by Hello

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    Excellent pic of Oscar Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:53 AM # | Comments

    Cassia and Tonja Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:52 AM # | Comments

    Emily, Margit and Oscar Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:52 AM # | Comments

    Ali and Jason Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:52 AM # | Comments

    Alasdair.. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:51 AM # | Comments

    The bottle looks a bit surreal as it was in mid flight. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 7:50 AM # | Comments

    News - Serious child neglect
    News: "A doctor who treated twin babies rescued from a house of 'utter squalor' told a court yesterday that it was 'the worse case of malnutrition he had ever seen outside the developing world'."

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     Saturday, November 27, 2004

    IOL: Man jailed as parental lesson backfires
    IOL: Man jailed as parental lesson backfires: "Kevin Winston, 46, called police early on Friday after his 16-year-old daughter came home drunk and unruly.

    When police arrived, however, the girl told them she feared for her safety because her father stored drugs and weapons in the home in Newark, New Jersey, USA"

    Posted at 11:17 PM # | Comments


    How dumb are you?

    Posted at 12:00 AM # | Comments

     Monday, November 22, 2004

    Alasdair got stung by road rage
    Alasdair just called me to tell me what happenned to him on the way to his mum's this evening.

    Alasdair did a zip merge and pissed off someone who obviously didn't note the rules about zip merges changing a while back. This guy speeds off ahead and pulls over in a side street. At the next intersection, ths guy comes bolting out of the side street and laying into Alasdair with a hammer, smashing the drivers side window and nearly breaking Alasdair's arm. With a hammer. What a psycho!

    Then, to top it off.. no-one helped him. No-one asked if he needed a hand (or an ambulance). No-one wrote down the number plate or offered to be a witness. This is in peak hour traffic on Marion road. This guy has beaten up a stranger with a hammer on a main road in peak hour traffic and he has got away with it.

    How fucked up is this world?

    ps. Oh yeah. Don't forget he is driving my car.. so I now own two cars with smashed windows. :(

    Posted at 12:51 PM # | Comments

     Sunday, November 21, 2004

    Too many meanings.. Posted by Hello

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     Saturday, November 20, 2004

    Michael the sand monster Posted by Hello

    Posted at 6:02 AM # | Comments

     Friday, November 19, 2004

    Funny Quote
    "Have you ever used toys to act out your fantasies?" - Ed Watts
    "Does Lego Men Count?" - Oscar Archer
    "That's a fucked up fantasy!" - Ed Watts
    "It's a space station!" - Margit Archer

    Posted at 10:49 AM # | Comments

     Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    These are the shoes Alasdair has bought an identical pair to. Grr. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 1:53 PM # | Comments

    Strange night
    This post has been friends locked on livejournal here.

    Posted at 2:21 AM # | Comments

     Monday, November 15, 2004

    Tanya introduced me to this very strange site Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:25 AM # | Comments

    Okay, Jayne is becoming a demon downhill rider by the looks of it :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:09 AM # | Comments

    I just stumbled across an fantastic concept. Nanoblogmo. This is nanowrimo on blog. Neat. Now I can blog my novel and never lost it. :) Unfortunately, Nanowrimo goes throughout November. It's already half way through. Erk! Here's my new novel-blog

    Posted at 12:35 AM # | Comments

     Friday, November 12, 2004

    This is me as a pig for the Christmas Pagaent. If you watched it on TV you'd have seen me on the three little pigs float waving out of the window. :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:12 PM # | Comments

    Bridget Jones 2 - Saw this with Alice. It was typical Bridget Jones - the movies always make her out to be more of a ditz than in the books. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:50 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, November 11, 2004

    Funny Quote
    'Some things just don't mix - like bundy & fanta' - Mel Drinkwater

    Posted at 10:51 AM # | Comments

    Oscar and Margit are so cute! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 9:22 AM # | Comments

    Photos from wedding
    I've just put all the photos of Sarah and Jason's wedding in (back at October 30 in roughly chronological order). Sorry for the lateness! I know Sarah was spewing that they weren't up yet!

    Posted at 12:43 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    This is the weirdest site I have stumbled across in ages.. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:50 PM # | Comments

     Sunday, November 07, 2004

    :: The Sanctuary ::
    :: The Sanctuary ::

    It's good to see my friends are nuts too :)

    Posted at 2:46 PM # | Comments

    more proof of me jumping out of a plane :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:22 PM # | Comments

    I jumped out of an aeroplane today!! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:21 PM # | Comments

    You can almost see here that I have "Gravity" and an arrow on my hand.. just something I saw on a cartoon once that I wanted to try :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 1:36 AM # | Comments

    Mel and I preparing to jump Posted by Hello

    Posted at 1:32 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, November 06, 2004

    Phil hiding from Jo and I singing Karaoke Posted by Hello

    Posted at 8:37 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, November 04, 2004

    Crow Eaters
    I was informed that South Australians were known as "Crow eaters" the other day and I had to wonder why.

    "As for South Australians: there are two options - they were either called 'crow eaters' or else 'magpies'. Of those two I suspect that 'crow eaters' was more common in colonial times - especially north of the Goyder line where farmers tried to grow wheat in an excessively arid climate, failed, and suffered from a scanty diet as a result. Hence, 'crow eaters'. That is pretty much the complete and matching set."

    I *had* to wonder, hey?

    Posted at 7:44 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, November 03, 2004

    Quality control:

    I guess this means I'm a member now???!?!?Posted by Hello

    Posted at 8:58 AM # | Comments

    Wow - someone who has found all the same strange librarian links as I have - and more Posted by Hello

    Posted at 8:47 AM # | Comments

     Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    CBC News: Keen taste buds linked to svelte figures
    CBC News: Keen taste buds linked to svelte figures: "TRENTON, N.J. - People with an unusually keen sense of taste tend to be thinner than other people, a new study suggests. "

    Yes - because they are more inclined to go hungry just because they don't like hte food.

    Posted at 9:47 PM # | Comments

    Stressed and fidgety
    I'm sitting in FUCS rehearsal and I can't pay attention at all - my brain is
    all scattered. I have far too much stuff that I need and want to do that
    doesn't involve me being here.
    Okay, now we are philosophising about the lyrics to 'Scarborough Fair'... As
    you do.
    Hmm... Well I guess an update on my life is in order.
    Damien has given up on celibacy, so I'm glad I live across the hall now.
    Alice & Ian broke up almost as soon as she got off the plane, which sucks
    completely for her.
    Sarah & Jason got married on Saturday and I have photos to blog later.
    Folk Fed want me to do some paid event management & volunteer
    co-ordination... I'm stoked about that!
    IV is coming along nicely - still a million miles to go though. :)
    I just declined to be on FUCS committee for anything useful (I am co-morals
    officer!). Yay! That will free up useful time.
    The Thursday night choir is same old same old - which is great.
    I'm putting together a trio of fembots - myself, Jo and Mel - to sing random
    folk and pop tunes. I would like Fiona and/or Phoebe to join us if we need
    more people occasionally. This will be really cool.
    Basically my focuses at the moment are study, Folk Fed, IV, Thursday choir
    and Fembots. Oh. And working daily for money.

    Posted at 10:33 AM # | Comments