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     Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    Stressed and fidgety
    I'm sitting in FUCS rehearsal and I can't pay attention at all - my brain is
    all scattered. I have far too much stuff that I need and want to do that
    doesn't involve me being here.
    Okay, now we are philosophising about the lyrics to 'Scarborough Fair'... As
    you do.
    Hmm... Well I guess an update on my life is in order.
    Damien has given up on celibacy, so I'm glad I live across the hall now.
    Alice & Ian broke up almost as soon as she got off the plane, which sucks
    completely for her.
    Sarah & Jason got married on Saturday and I have photos to blog later.
    Folk Fed want me to do some paid event management & volunteer
    co-ordination... I'm stoked about that!
    IV is coming along nicely - still a million miles to go though. :)
    I just declined to be on FUCS committee for anything useful (I am co-morals
    officer!). Yay! That will free up useful time.
    The Thursday night choir is same old same old - which is great.
    I'm putting together a trio of fembots - myself, Jo and Mel - to sing random
    folk and pop tunes. I would like Fiona and/or Phoebe to join us if we need
    more people occasionally. This will be really cool.
    Basically my focuses at the moment are study, Folk Fed, IV, Thursday choir
    and Fembots. Oh. And working daily for money.

    Posted at 10:33 AM #

    Don't forget to post your church sign permanently on the side of your webpage! Welcome to the QCA!
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