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     Sunday, June 27, 2004

    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings
    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Lounge:: Music
    2. Photograph:: People
    3. Catacomb:: Spike's Place
    4. Crucifix:: Vamp Protection
    5. Fired drill:: Siren to lay off many
    6. Tube:: Straw
    7. Dropped:: Dumped
    8. LTD:: Little Trippy Dill
    9. Panther:: Big Cat
    10. Formica:: Former Car

    Posted at 2:22 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, June 24, 2004

    Country and western song titles
    Downstream Pictures Links:

    "I'm Under The Table Over You"

    "Wanna Be A Blue Light Special In The K Mart Of Your Heart "

    "I Got the Hungries for Your Love, and I'm Waitin In Your Welfare Line "

    "Get Off the Table, Mabel (The Two Dollars is for the Beer)"

    "Did I Shave my Legs for This?"

    "How Can I Miss You if You Won't Go Away? "

    "High Cost of Low Living"

    "He's got a Way with Women...and He's Just got Away with Mine"

    Posted at 5:20 AM # | Comments | Entertainment | R-rating for 9/11 film (June 24, 2004) | Entertainment | R-rating for 9/11 film (June 24, 2004): "Lions Gate Films president Tom Ortenberg told the appeals board older teenagers should be able to see the film on their own because they might be fighting in Iraq in coming years. "

    Posted at 4:47 AM # | Comments


    Just in case the deeper meaning of liff didn't cover everything..

    Posted at 4:37 AM # | Comments

    Syzygy: Transit of Venus
    Syzygy: Transit of Venus

    Posted at 3:31 AM # | Comments

    New Scientist - Brain Networks
    New Scientist: "The key, they say, is that the neurons form a 'small world' network. Small-world networks are surprisingly common. Human social networks, for example, famously connect any two people on Earth - or any actor to Kevin Bacon - in six steps or less. "

    Posted at 3:05 AM # | Comments

    Dennis Prager: One man wore jacket and tie at high school graduation
    Dennis Prager: One man wore jacket and tie at high school graduation: "Equality: A word that is often used to describe formal clothing is 'classy,' a word which itself derives from 'class.' Because of its derivation, however, the word is rarely used today -- it conflicts with one of our era's dominant values, egalitarianism. Therefore more and more people dress and act . . . classless, such as when they all wear T-shirts. That is also why so many teachers don't dress up to teach -- the egalitarians who run American education don't want students to regard teachers as being of a higher class than students."

    Quite an interesting article on why people don't dress up any more.

    Posted at 2:58 AM # | Comments

    "I am an ART-Painter who spends a lot of time behind a computer...Some say I should be painting more , but frankly spoken I don't care ...I do what I got to do and that's it...Look at my Website if you want to find out more ...
    The Web is a playground to me , a place for experiment..And a place to meet people or to promote the Great Works.... "

    "I am moderator of ART-PAINTER.TK and looking for Artist and Art-lovers who are interested in publishing about Art and Art Events around the World "
    "....People who can publish about the Art scenes in their country...Mail me if you're interested , little knowledge of html is needed and MSN for direct contact about publishing... "

    This guy sounds fascinating - his idea is great. I don't have time - nor am I probably the kind of artist he is thinking of, but I'll pass the info on for anyone who might be :)

    Posted at 2:49 AM # | Comments

    Google Preferences
    Go to Google Preferences
    Then choose "Elmer Fudd" from the drop down list of languages.

    I don't think I'll ever set Google back to normal. :)

    Posted at 2:41 AM # | Comments

    monochrom's massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling
    monochrom's massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling

    Cool. Multiplayer thumb wrestling is what the world needed. :) I wanna play!

    Posted at 2:27 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, June 23, 2004

    Mugabe & Zimbabwe
    Article: "'We realistically believe that expelling the British citizens will cause an 80 to 90 per cent drop in the (white) population within six months,' the document says.
    'If implemented soon, we could be almost entirely free of them before the final run-up to the parliamentary elections (next year).' "

    Posted at 6:38 AM # | Comments

    Planetarium for the Palm Computing Platform
    Planetarium for the Palm Computing Platform

    This is such a cool palm app!

    Posted at 6:24 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, June 20, 2004

    Alasdair, Ben, Mel and I saw Super Size Me after eating McDonalds and it did almost make me throw up. Bravo. :)Posted by Hello

    Posted at 4:03 PM # | Comments

    Ludicrous Speed! :: Nerd Test Results
    Ludicrous Speed! :: Nerd Test Results: " 30.952380952380952% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?"

    Posted at 9:51 AM # | Comments

    Super Size Me
    Greater Union Birch Carroll & Coyle | Movies: "Super Size Me M (96 mins)
    In this eye-opening documentary about the perils of fast food and fattening bodies, filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock begins a personal experiment during which he eats only McDonald's food for 30 days - with startling results!"

    We're going to go to McDonalds for dinner, pick up the "Have you seen that movie" flyers and then take our Mcdonalds bags to see the Super Size Me (just in case we vomit).

    Posted at 9:31 AM # | Comments | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Abundance:: Super Sized
    2. Casino:: Gambling
    3. Shell:: Petrol
    4. Overpriced:: Petrol
    5. Cancellation:: Fee
    6. Eternal:: Majesty
    7. Lyrics:: Singing
    8. Faith:: Buffy
    9. Because:: Cos
    10. Wimp:: Me

    Posted at 9:24 AM # | Comments

    Garth BBQ Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:49 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, June 19, 2004

    Alice and Ian being too couply for words Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:58 AM # | Comments

     Monday, June 14, 2004

    Ravey Stuff
    Rave Adelaide

    .: [ Enchanted ] :.

    Posted at 7:19 AM # | Comments | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Colorblind:: Red/Green
    2. Shallow:: Grave
    3. Erotica:: Not quite porn
    4. Figment:: Of my Imagination
    5. Eviction:: Notice
    6. Composed:: and collected
    7. Chill:: Winds
    8. Girl:: Boy
    9. California:: Dreaming
    10. Bond:: Stocks

    Posted at 6:02 AM # | Comments

     Friday, June 11, 2004

    Harry Potter rocks!
    I saw Harry Potter 3 last night at Hoyts Norwood with my boy, Jason and Ali.

    It rocked!

    Almost everything has changed.. the grounds are a lot more hostile - and a lot more cool. Dumbledore is obviously different but he's kind of cool.

    I want to watch it again!!!

    Posted at 12:09 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, June 10, 2004

    Harry Potter 3 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) is by far the best of all the movies so far.. They really didn't explain the old friends of Harry's father properly.. but they probably didn't have time.. or wanted to leave it for the next movie. Loved it!! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:45 PM # | Comments

     Wednesday, June 09, 2004

    Emily the Strange
    Emily the Strange
    She has a homework hexx:

    "Play Hexx NOW.
    Do Homework later!"

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     Tuesday, June 08, 2004

    Things That Really sh*t me....; - The Relentess Pursuit of Crap
    Things That Really sh*t me....; - The Relentess Pursuit of Crap

    Nic has a blog!! This is just what the world needed. :P

    Posted at 12:09 PM # | Comments

    Strange Day
    Okay, well not that strange then. I have just been feeling weird. I walked home from work. My car won't work so I'm not at choir. I got an account for the computers at TAFE so I can actually do work there now (at last). It's sort of warm.. and just generally weird. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that today was a full moon (if I didn't already know it was about a week ago).

    Posted at 11:55 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, June 06, 2004 | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Charity:: stands watching.. and faith holds wide the door..
    2. Scale:: of one to ten
    3. Jennifer Lopez:: jenny from the block
    4. Coercion:: lies
    5. Meter:: maid (Lovely Rita)
    6. Pressure:: Under
    7. June:: Cold
    8. Infestation:: Deadly
    9. Serial killer:: Back for breakfast
    10. Anguish:: Pain

    Posted at 12:45 PM # | Comments

    Assignments Assignments Assignments
    Blergh. So much work. This assignment I'm doing is only a pass or fail assignment. But I still feel the need to do a fantastic job of it. Most of the work comes from ensuring everything is referenced appropriately. Takes so much time!!

    Oh well. Half a semester down.. 1 year to go. Yay!!

    And then I'll probably do something silly like a postgrad degree. :)

    Posted at 1:13 AM # | Comments

    another Meego that wasn't quite right Posted by Hello

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    My Meego! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 1:07 AM # | Comments

     Friday, June 04, 2004

    Look what Vincent did to his car!! Glad he didn't have a passenger! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:24 AM # | Comments