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     Sunday, May 30, 2004

    Sony unveils tiny wireless pen PC | The Register
    Sony unveils tiny wireless pen PC | The Register

    Mmmm *drool*

    Posted at 9:48 AM # | Comments - 'Toothing' craze goes underground - Apr 18, 2004 - 'Toothing' craze goes underground - Apr 18, 2004

    Cool. Using bluetooth to get laid. :)

    Posted at 9:33 AM # | Comments | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Lover:: Boy
    2. Ridiculous:: Spell for boggart
    3. Oscar:: Winner
    4. Tennis:: Ball
    5. Account Balance:: Low
    6. Hickey:: Baterz song "Suck Face"
    7. License:: To drive
    8. Breathmints:: Required by more people than use them
    9. TexMex:: Some crappy American Mexican-like recipe
    10. Stepmother:: Is an Alien (Yay Willow)

    Posted at 9:04 AM # | Comments

     Monday, May 24, 2004

    Common Good - Home Page
    Common Good - Home Page: "'Doctors and patients . . . need what justice today is not providing: reliability,' Howard wrote. In fact, most patients injured because of a mistake never sue, while 80% of claims are made against doctors who made no medical errors at all."

    Posted at 11:45 AM # | Comments

    Oz Wiz Hexes Bank - Wizard of New Zealand
    Oz Wiz Hexes Bank - Wizard of New Zealand

    Dave Greagg Hexed a bank!! Tee Hee!

    Posted at 9:21 AM # | Comments | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Finale:: Finished
    2. Martial arts:: Tai Chi
    3. Flirt:: Sexy
    4. Energy:: Drink
    5. Flavor:: Spelt Wrong
    6. Guess?:: Jeans
    7. Accomplishment:: Achievement
    8. Prom:: Queen
    9. Diploma:: Not finished yet
    10. Bloody:: Mary's

    Posted at 9:00 AM # | Comments

    Sarah!! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:46 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, May 23, 2004

    Nestle Article

    Posted at 12:23 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, May 22, 2004

    So Busy!
    I've been so busy lately. I've hardly sat at my computer at all. I got elected Convenor if IV - Yay!!

    Posted at 5:35 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, May 20, 2004

    Funny Quote
    'No! You are not taking me hypnotised drunk driving' - Tanya Ashworth Keppel to Sarah Preston

    Posted at 11:53 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, May 16, 2004

    The cat that visited us Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:58 AM # | Comments

    Alasdair watching TV Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:56 AM # | Comments

    Alasdair Sleeping Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:56 AM # | Comments

    Me looking weird Posted by Hello

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     Saturday, May 15, 2004

    Outside "The Store" in North Adelaide Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:35 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, May 13, 2004

    I watched "A Number" With Tanya. It was fantastic. I can now actually see Marcus Graham as a serious actor. Unfortunately they had a long-standing pun where the only thing that never changed between the clones was the jeans.. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:50 PM # | Comments

     Tuesday, May 11, 2004

    Alasdair hiding behind a door Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:56 PM # | Comments

    I am Oxie Moron
    I am Oxie Moron

    This is a pretty cool blog. Very strange person

    Posted at 10:53 AM # | Comments

     Monday, May 10, 2004

    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings
    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Vagina:: Monologues
    2. Racism:: America
    3. Mother's Day:: Flowers
    4. Fire alarm:: Ignored
    5. Elvis:: Presley
    6. Pregnant:: Alice (the midwife)
    7. Vacation:: Yes Please
    8. Waffles:: Mmmmm
    9. Perpendicular:: I should be
    10. Hospital:: bed

    I think I'm a bit sleepy. :)

    Posted at 5:23 PM # | Comments

    Testing email blogging from palm
    does it work?
    Hope so!

    Posted at 11:09 AM #

     Wednesday, May 05, 2004

    You know you are at work too much when..
    ... you type your work LAN password into your own computer. :)

    Posted at 11:53 PM # | Comments

     Tuesday, May 04, 2004

    Jenny  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:17 PM # | Comments

    James Cowling Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:16 PM # | Comments

    Jo hates this photo. I used it on the cover of Chorus Interruptus. I love it. :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:15 PM # | Comments

    Toby loves cameras Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:15 PM # | Comments

    photo of me Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:38 PM # | Comments

     Monday, May 03, 2004

    Brett has a new house. :)

    Posted at 10:48 AM # | Comments

    Brett has a new house. :)

    Posted at 10:48 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, May 02, 2004

    Test Results
    Test Results:

    What Classic Movie Are You?
    personality tests by

    Again looking at Katies site for something new to entertain me.. I was inspired to do another personality test. :)

    Posted at 2:43 PM # | Comments

    Digital Artist
    Digital Artist

    Men getting waxed. Wimpy men who obviously will respect the next brazilian they encounter.

    Posted at 2:33 PM # | Comments | Unconscious Mutterings | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Sexy:: Models
    2. Clique:: Snobs
    3. Pledge:: Promise
    4. Carbs:: Low
    5. Dream Job:: Soon!
    6. Sweeps:: Steaks
    7. Soundtrack:: CD
    8. Hero:: Shop on KW Road
    9. Shave:: Cream
    10. Christina:: Ricci

    Posted at 2:25 PM # | Comments

    Fibonacci: "The composer Bartok Bela was very interested in many aspects of nature and science. Some of his scores have the Fibonacci numbers actually marked at the relevant bars, and one composition, the fourth quartet, has 2584 beats in it. Many other composers apparently used numbers, but if, like Bartok, they did not leave any writings about it, the possibility of coincidence cannot be disproved."

    "1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 etc
    This sequence is known as the Fibonacci series, and is well known in mathematics. Each number is the sum of the previous two. The ratio of successive pairs tends to the so-called golden section (GS) - 1.618033989 . . . . . whose reciprocal is 0.618033989 . . . . . so that we have
    1/GS = 1 + GS"

    And here is more on what Karl was telling me.. and far more difficult and more likely than the Beethoven story. Also a really good page on Fibonacci sequences, too.

    Posted at 9:28 AM # | Comments

    Mathematics and Mysticism - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
    Mathematics and Mysticism - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts: "Grattan-Guinness, I. Some numerological features of Beethoven's output. Ann. of Sci. 51 (1994), no. 2, 103--135. SC: 01A99 (00A69), MR: 1 278 119.
    The author discusses possible occurrences of number symbolism in Beethoven's compositions. A large number of examples are used to buttress his arguments, and some prior familiarity with Beethoven's work might be useful. In some cases, numbers occur as the number of measures or notes of a them or motif, and in other cases in Beethoven's choice of opus numbers. (In contrast with the common practice of the time, Beethoven chose his opus numbers himself, and the numbers chosen could at times be seriously at variance with the order of composition.) The author's conclusions have been controversial, partly because Beethoven has often been regarded as being quite poor at arithmetic. The author discusses this objection and aspects of methodology in some detail. Closely related topics: Numerology, Music, and Beethoven. "

    This is more what I was looking for. Karl just told me that Beethoven wrote a few of his pieces with a strong maths focus and had incorporated some magic boxes into some of his works. Strange, but cool.

    Posted at 9:22 AM # | Comments

    The Beethoven Number
    The Beethoven Number
    "In this pretentious little page, I'm defining one's unnormalized Beethoven number as the number of times one has performed a Beethoven symphony. The normalized ("true") Beethoven number is simply the number of Beethoven symphonies one has performed."

    How weird. I was looking for something else entirely. I guess my Beethoven number is 1. I must work harder on that. :)

    Posted at 9:18 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, May 01, 2004

    Best cover of Chorus Interruptus EVER... Posted by Hello

    Posted at 9:39 AM # | Comments