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     Sunday, May 02, 2004

    Mathematics and Mysticism - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
    Mathematics and Mysticism - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts: "Grattan-Guinness, I. Some numerological features of Beethoven's output. Ann. of Sci. 51 (1994), no. 2, 103--135. SC: 01A99 (00A69), MR: 1 278 119.
    The author discusses possible occurrences of number symbolism in Beethoven's compositions. A large number of examples are used to buttress his arguments, and some prior familiarity with Beethoven's work might be useful. In some cases, numbers occur as the number of measures or notes of a them or motif, and in other cases in Beethoven's choice of opus numbers. (In contrast with the common practice of the time, Beethoven chose his opus numbers himself, and the numbers chosen could at times be seriously at variance with the order of composition.) The author's conclusions have been controversial, partly because Beethoven has often been regarded as being quite poor at arithmetic. The author discusses this objection and aspects of methodology in some detail. Closely related topics: Numerology, Music, and Beethoven. "

    This is more what I was looking for. Karl just told me that Beethoven wrote a few of his pieces with a strong maths focus and had incorporated some magic boxes into some of his works. Strange, but cool.

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