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     Monday, October 18, 2004

    No Internet!

    Due to an administrative error, Oscar cancelled our ADSL before we could churn to Internode. We've applied for the new account but we're going to have to wait *sob*. 3 Junkies without their fixes. Not pretty.

    The weekend was very LONG. I didn't sleep for much of it - so that explains a lot. On Friday night I had a few drinks with Jason and Michael (I was going to go to the gym and go home because I was feeling poor). I convinced Michael to come back to our house to party on and then promptly fell asleep when we got home. Sorry Mike!

    Saturday was a FUCS rehearsal at our house. We were expecting it to degenerate into a party afterwards, but everyone went home. Ben and I started to watch "12 Monkeys" then Wilky turned up. Poor Wilky. I had totally forgotten to tell him that everyone had gone home. So Wilky and I did the big movie night in, following "12 Monkeys" with "Adaptation" and "Startrip Troopers". Our brains were mush by the end of the night.

    Sunday was an AIV meeting in Cibo - all went fairly well. Then on to meet Tanya to chat about all things we need to do for Sarah and Jason's wedding. Funny, Tanya and I started drinking wine. We do that. By late afternoon we had brought Sarah and Jason into town and were rapidly heading for a drunken evening. The party continued at our house - until 3am.

    I have spent all day today nursing a severe hangover that I completely deserve. Ow. I was still in bed at 2pm wondering if it was actually possible to get up.

    I did get a freaky phonecall today, though. Some heavy breather who said "You're so hot". I hung up pretty quickly but still. It was weird.

    Tonight we're having a dinner party for Damien's Birthday - we finally get to eat that cake. And I finish work in 10 minutes!! Nice.
    And it's not as if that's the only thing on my mind today, since this is the second anniversary of Dad's death.  I know, I am failing to comply with his wishes by remembering today but dammit it's hard to forget.

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