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     Saturday, October 02, 2004

    The Adelaide Effect
    Okay, in the past week I have had crazy emails from Emma Skelton and Katie Hannan after they were having dinner together and both realised that they knew me. Adelaide effect pretty strongly in force there.

    Then I'm reading Toby's blog (also real website) only to find Jason Standing posting a response to my comment. That one (in a round about way) should have made sense as they both know Annie (I've never actually met Annie, but I've heard we travel in the same circles a lot so one day we probably will and go "Oh yeah, her."), but I just didn't know they knew each other.

    Two in one week. Adelaide effect freak out!!

    In the words of Emma:


    Posted at 12:44 AM #

    Us sandgropers call this phoenomenon being "Perthed" - it's not that unusual for you to be in a random city (Canberra) in Australia and bump into someone who is the best friend of your ex housemate ...

    Mark T.
    So I was bored and checking out referrer links to my website.. and there you were! The weird thing is, we have met a few times.. each time I think I've got there late and you've been flaked out on a sofa/Alasdair :) Anyway.. the Adelaide effect is alive and well.. I share a house in London with Toby, as well as having vacated my house in Adelaide before I moved here so Jason S could move in, and I used to work with Katie Hannan.. gotta love Adelaide :)
    - Annie
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