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     Thursday, September 30, 2004

    Strange Days
    So yesterday ended up being rather a lot of us in the Queen's Arms.. then I ran into George (Georgina Dungey) on the way back to the bus - we almost didn't notice each other.. and then all of a sudden went "Huh?!?! It's you!". I haven't seen her for so long!!

    So, anyway, I got home and Damien was there.. cooking up the meat that defrosted when Margit and Oscar left the fridge unplugged. So there's an overwhelming meaty smell in the house. And I'm half pissed (okay, I was more than half pissed by then). Through my blushing and giggles we ended up talking about the Fish Head song. He'd never heard of it (not surprisingly) so I pulled out some mp3's and forced him to listen to it twice. :) Then I moved on to The Bangles and proved that I *really* could sing badly - although I think since I was a child in the 80's that it is my *duty* to sing "Eternal Flame" badly. I'd also pulled out a bottle of wine from the AIV bar (which is in my fridge - cold), forgetting that I hadn't eaten dinner.

    So after getting the party started I call Melbourne and proceed to have a drunken conversation with Sean (with him sober) that resulted in me falling asleep on top of a bookshelf while still on the phone. How embarrasing!!! I have actually done that once before (without the bookshelf - and I was talking to Gus) because I was too drunk to go to a meeting and I was just letting him know I wasn't going to be there. I woke up many hours later with my mobile pressed into the side of my face - and he'd told everyone at the meeting. :( I am such a loser. :)

    The more I think about what I was saying last night the more I wish I'd been sober. *hides*

    Oh well. He still likes me! There is hope for me yet! Plus Damien is currently down the shop buying me juice. Obviously I look like I need help recovering. *shudder* Please.. no cameras. Erg. Work is going to be hard today.

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