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     Friday, September 17, 2004

    Slow Day at Work

    It's pretty quiet here today so I'm writing a quick entry.

    Oscar and Margit are getting married tonight! It's going to be at Warrawong Sanctuary - a cocktail reception. It's going to be great. They are both so relaxed about the whole thing. I'm arriving with Alasdair which is going to be a tad on the depressing side.

    Tania Siegemund is apparently in town this weekend! So when I'm done with all that wedding guff I'm going to be spending some time catching up with her! Yay!

    AIV is going particularly well - I've managed to get some amazing professional help which is going to be of great use. Things are generally falling into place and the committee rocks! Yay Adelaide!

    Folk Fed Board elections are coming up. I have to do some serious work to get some things moving - like sponsorship.

    TAFE has taken a backseat for a while but I really should do some bloody assignments! I am overloading but most of it isn't due until the end of the year - very easy to let it slide and have to cram it all in later. Eek!

    The choir-formerly-known-as-flight rehearsal was last night. I love working with those guys. The voices blend together really well and are of pretty high quality. The pieces we are doing are a really good mix and Sarah and James are fantastic hosts - very good at relaxing me after a long day at work. :)

    FUCS is doing a Glass/Nyman/unheard of composers concert with Acro "Circus in a Glass House". It's going to be really cool. Acrobatics and Philip Glass. Brilliant.

    AUCS is doing Pink Floyd/Jesus Christ Superstar/ Cindy Lauper and other crazy stuff. I can't sing in the concert as it's on the same day as Sarah and Jason's wedding (did I already write that?). Very sad. :(

    Most other things Bells/Morris/Ceroc I have dropped out of for good (or the time being) as I am just too bloody busy.

    I've hardly done any reading lately. I started to read "Only Forward" (Michael Marshall Smith) again but I'm hardly ever getting a chance to even pick it up, let alone read it. I really want to get hold of Jasper Fforde's "Something Rotten". I should just buy it. Really.

    On more popular music, I want to buy Missy Higgins' album and I want to go to the Faithless concert. I also want to buy all of the CD's Alasdair owns which I like. Which is, um, most of them. Ow. That's going to cost a lot. :(
    I'm also completely failing to start my electronica remixing empire. Damien is getting to remix stuff as assignments for TAFE and it is really making me jealous. Maybe if I save up for the Mac and software (and let him use it) he will teach me how to use it all. Yeah, I think he'd go for that deal.

    I am still failing to get to the gym (Zest) as it's never open when I want to go. Or I might be too slack. Not completely sure. I'm going to join Next Generation soon, which is going to cost more, but it's close (between work and home) and it's open a lot more of the time. I hope I go :)

    This Summer is going to be BBQ's at Marian Place (we already have a pool and a table tennis table), riding everywhere, parties, gymming, singing, swimming, reading, games, music, gymnastics (I have to go), running, movies, surfing/windsurfing ( I *have* to learn), rock-climbing (I loved it but I've only been once) .. good stuff. Oh hang on. That's what I plan to do *every* day. Not just in Summer. :)

    What a complete load of dribble. :) So I've said what I've been doing lately and what I *want* to do. I wonder what I *will* do... Hehe. It's not like I quite have enough time to do it all.  

    Woohoo! I just got asked if I wanted to do loans training. That's cool. That's a promotion I thought I was going to have to wait a lot longer for. Nice. :) I'll have to take time off TAFE though. One week. I'll live. Yay!

    Right. Time to get more tea or something... Earl Grey. Lemon. Hot.

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