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     Monday, September 06, 2004

    Random update

    I have been neglecting to write in my blog and hence failing to amuse my lovely readers.. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

    Life has been fairly normal this week. Normal for me, anyway.

    Saturday 28/08 I found some black knee high boots after working most of the day. So what if I spent as much as I earned? I think I stayed home and watched movies or something with Damien in the evening. Oh that's right.. we wanted to watch "Brazil" but the video shop didn't have it.. so we saw a zombie movie with Milla Jovovich and a cool soundtrack (I can't for the life of me remember the name.. but I've got the important bits down). Then we watched "The Butterfly Effect" and "Big Fish". I am still freaking out that butterfly effect had a different ending to the one I saw at the movies with Alasdair. And.. all the dvd "Alternate Endings" were different to the ending we saw at the movies too. Freaky shit. The ending we saw was better but it was cool to be freaked out by a different ending.

    Sunday 29/08 I went shopping for shoes with Katie. Saw Mango for a quick coffee also.. Mango is not having a pleasant time of things at the moment as she had a big bike crash! Ow. Her jaw is wired together.. it looked so painful. Poor thing. On the shoe side of things, I found some funky brown sneakers and that makes me really happy.

    Monday 30/08 I can hardly remember what happenned. Must have been thrilling. I took home the three $20 monitors I bought from ACCU for my flatmates.. Oscar was pretty excited when he saw his!!

    Tuesday 31/08 I got fitted for my Pagaent costume. I am a pig on the "Three Little Pigs" float. I get to wear a sexy green gingham outfit with a big pig head. Oh dear :) After work I saw Alasdair for a drink at the Apocathery which went fairly well but I was a misery guts afterwards. I should have learned from that mistake. Ellinor randomly spotted me in Hindley Street and gave me a lift home (because she's a legend). I skipped FUCS because I was feeling crap. Oscar made me yummy pasta for dinner. Mmm.

    Wednesday 1/09 I had an exam for a subject I haven't turned up to for a month.. I think my studying efforts on Wednesday morning *might* have pulled me over the pass line - just. Yikes. I picked up my groomsmaid skirt (nice and adjusted to short-ass height) for Sarah and Jason's wedding so now I'm set! AUCS Wednesday night with coffee at Matt Winefields. Nothing too exciting, but generally nice. The AUCS music rocks so it's fun to have it stuck in your head. (Pink Floyd and Jesus Christ Superstar - amongst other things!)

    Thursday 2/09 was another late shift at work. I went and saw Alasdair after work which was a really stupid idea. Had a few drinks and some nachos. Things were fairly normal but I felt like crap afterwards.

    Friday 3/09 didn't go to work as I felt like shit. Missed out on the ACCU drinks that night too. Bummer. Did manage to sort out Ali so that she has her new monitor and her computer is on the network at home.. yay! She is so excited. Win 95 on the computer though so she won't stay excited for long. Watched "The Omega Man" at home with Damien which was pretty cheesy.

    Saturday 4/09 worked all morning. Went shopping (again) in the afternoon and found another pair of knee high boots. I *had* to buy them because they were perfect and really cheap. Kicked Damien's ass at Scrabble and then went to the AUCS annual dinner. I won an award at the dinner for being a bit too enthusiastic (or something) about all things choral. Whoops.. me? Nah not me. I'll scan the award later and blog it.

    Sunday 05/09 woke up slowly and noticed there were hundreds of people (okay, 10) asleep in our house. Went up the street for supplies and cooked up a fantastic breakfast. Yumm... Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, salmon, capers and spinach. Mmmm. Then I went to a Ceroc class and Adrian's birthday party BBQ at his house. Yay. That was a cool day!

    Monday 06/09 - Today. Did the RAH dermatology appointment - hopefully this will finally clear up the last of my skin. If not, we are going to resort to desperate measures. Laser therapy will apparently kill it. I don't care as long as it goes! Today, I've been at work since 12 and I'm dying to go home. Apparently "6 Feet Under" is starting again so I might have to get into it this time instead of merely enjoying the theme music. :)

    Okay, so it was a pretty boring run down of my life.. and it seems that I only remember things to do with work, exams, shoes and food. I don't really want to use my blog as a diary of my life or a way to keep in touch with friends.. although it is pretty useful as that :) but since I am so busy all the time it's all I can do just to remember what I've been up to that kepy me so busy. Oh well. I like it that way!

    Posted at 11:30 AM #

    Oooh, is this Damien Day we're talknig about ? Next time you see him can you tell him that I think I've got his Brazil soundtrack ? I think I borrowed it from him the day I mowed his lawn at Price Avenue (he'll remember), and I only found it when I was packing to move over the pond...
    Also, what's this about AUCS doing Pink Floyd in a concert ? I'm a bit disappointed that nobody's even mentioned it in passing :(

    Jason (B. Standing, that is)
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