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     Tuesday, September 28, 2004

    More about the weekend

    I left in rather a hurry last night and failed to embellish on my time in Melbourne.

    The Melbourne trip was excellent. Sarah and Merridee are party animals and fail to let me sleep. Yay for them :)

    When we got into Melbourne we stayed at this guy's house. He's a discworld mudder and he's had a shit time with an ex girlfriend lately. Well, that's all we knew when we turned up, anyway. :)

    He pretty much went to bed not long after we got there so I didn't really see much of him. However, I did get to rummage through his stuff and form a bit of an opinion about him based on his house and belongings. And he's actually a pretty interesting guy. :) Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Illuminatus Trilogy, Abba, Weird Al, Limited edition Monopoly, Simpsons Edition Clue, gadgets and gizmos, magnetic poetry, computer left on permanently, bright yellow couches, a cute kitten, lots of dvd's of musicals - plus he makes ball gowns/costumes etc and perforrms/directs in musicals all the time. Oh and he has pink hair and likes stripey socks. :)

    Okay, so I just wanted to talk about Sean (also known as Hinge). I really can't be bothered talking about the rest of the weekend other than it was fun :) Bolting to Melbourne and avoiding football-goers all weekend was pretty fun. It shall be done again.

    Posted at 6:36 AM #

    Anytime you want to do it again I know you're fully aware of how irresponsible and spontaneous we are ;)

    Glad you had a great time - you really deserved to have a kickass weekend :D

    And when are you going to get around to taking out those nasty bits that tell people where you work at the bottom of your posts?

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