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     Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    I need some sleep!!!

    Oh god. So last night I get home from choir.. eat chocolate cheescake and coffee and get stuck into reading Sean's blog. Great idea until I realise it's 2am and I have to be at work at 8:30!!! Erg. So 5 hours sleep. It's not like I've had a lot of sleep in the past week anyway.. soon I will be entering delerium. Glad I have no car to drive at the moment - I could get scary!

    On my walk into work this morning I could think of dozens of things I wanted to blog.. but my poor, abused brain has now drawn a blank. Maybe I should try eating a real breakfast instead of just sucking down multivitamins and munching on apples.

    I was mulling over Rachael's wedding.. and the fact that I need to sing a Shania Twain solo. I don't know the song.. so I have to learn it. I'm considering actually getting voice lessons so that I hopefully have some more confidence come the wedding. Funny how I can do solos for choirs without *too* much fear.. but when I picture myself singing a solo at a wedding I get all freaked out!! Why can't I just think of it like Karaoke or something? (Okay, I have already answered that question - because I want it to be *good*).

    Sarah and Jason's wedding should be easier. All I have to do is get dolled up, stand next to them while they say nice things to each other and then party on, flirt and look pretty. That's my job isn't it?? Bridesmaid/groomswoman's right or something. :) And hang on.. I do recall a drunken conversation where I was told I was allowed to bring anyone I like to the wedding as long as they're my date and they stay in my bed afterwards. :) Something is telling me that Sarah just wants me to pick up. Then again.. I don't think that's a new thing.

    Right.. so I'm delerious & at work. I have a cold cup of tea next to me. I still don't know if I finish at 12:30 or 1:30 as I've taken over the shift from someone else.. I have coffee dates all afternoon. Firstly with Tets (the long lost friend I hadn't seen until Margit and Oscar's wedding) and the second one with Jason (Poland) who I haven't had a long shit dribble with for ages. Yay! Seriously looking forward to it.

    I'm probably not going to make an appearance at AUCS tonight.. since I'll be at a wedding (thankyou Sarah and Jason) the night of the concert and the coffee tonight will be at Alasdair's place. Notably *not* my place anymore. Still has all my stuff in it. Still has Alasdair in it. It just wouldn't be a good move to go.

    Generally, I'd say things are looking up. Spending the last couple of days merrily frying my brain by spending valuable sleep time checking out a crazy Melbourne guy has improved my outlook greatly. :) I was even dancing on the way to work.. freaking out passing traffic. Actually, I should watch who I freak out as half of my workmates drive that way!! That could permanently scar them.. I'm going to have to keep it up to test that theory!

    Anyway, all this blogging is interfering with valuable actually-talking-to-that-crazy-guy time.. so I'm going to go. :P

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