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     Monday, August 09, 2004

    Strange Articles I Read Over Lunch
    At lunch I went to McDonalds (Yuk! Yes, I'm sorry) and read the Financial Review. The FIN shone for having much more interesting articles to read in it than The Advertiser or The Australian. Yay the FIN.

    There was an article about the decline of Free-To-Air TV viewers in the 16-25 and 25-35 age brackets. They were discussing the possible reasons for it.. some people have been blaming DVD and Internet usage, some people have blamed other irrelevant things.. but one smart person has noticed the real issue: The TV programs suck. I think the only programs I have been remotely interested in watching in the past 10 years has been The Simpsons, Buffy, Angel, Futurama, 24 and the occasional documentary or movie. And 24 changed timeslots so often I missed too many episodes to keep watching. Bugger them. I'll get it on DVD and watch it when I want to.

    Then I came back to ACCU and perused the Magazines. Most of them I've read several times over.. except FHM. So I read FHM. People looked at me weirdly, but so what? Either way, there was a lot of articles on how to pick up girls, what schools you can send your girlfriend to so she can learn how to strip tease properly, how to make a model plane, how to have anal sex without your girlfriend punching you and an article on decomposing bodies in the pursuit of good fertiliser. It even had photos. They were really fascinating.

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