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    Make Money Blogging

     Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    Okay, so I'm a complete nutter. :) Who didn't know that already?

    Alice just got a chain letter. It had a 5c piece in the top right hand side and asked you to send $10 to the person at the top of the list (blah blah blah). It was such a scam. It got me to telling her about the Save Karyn website. She'd never heard of it before. I got to thinking about how I could possibly convince people to give me money. I probably can't. We joked about setting up a Paypal donation thing on my site. And then I just decided to do it. Here's a thought: If people give me money I can spend more time at home blogging. And I probably won't be so whiney either. Win Win situation for myself and the readers.. of which I'm sure there are at least 2.

    I also recalled a conversation I had with Garth about Kynan. Kynan used to walk up to the bar and say "What are you going to buy me?". Garth figured that the attitude was right - and bought him the beer. (And face it - look where that attitude has got Kynan?!?!)

    So here is my attitude: How much money are you going to give me?

    Also, if you feel like buying me a beer and can't - this is the perfect way to shout me. :)

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