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    Make Money Blogging

     Monday, April 12, 2004

    Wireless Week - Making Money From Moblogging
    Wireless Week - Making Money From Moblogging: "Then there is blog veteran Blogger, a subsidiary of Google Inc., that offers Web-based publishing tools users can tap to create their own online diaries. It also runs a free BlogSpot hosting service for user Web pages and, a pay service that allows users to post MP3 messages to blog pages.
    With the rise of camera phones and digital cameras, Blogger also added tools to make it easier to post photos, according to Jason Shellen, associate program manager at Google.
    'Blogger's all about push-button publishing,' he says. 'So we are definitely interested. For a long time I have been a fan of logs that contain photos. I think it really adds something to blogs when there is something to look at, particularly from an interesting event.'
    Blogger works with Sprint PCS to create an easy-to-use moblogging service that is now in beta testing, 'and we have actually done some testing with other wireless carriers,' Shellen says. 'We're looking to strengthen some partnerships there before we make any announcements, but we're definitely looking to provide Blogger any place, any time.'"

    So hurry up and do it already!! I have the camera.. I have the blog. Let me at it!! If only I'd started a blog earlier and got a blogger pro account then.. I'd be set. But no. I have to wait. Grr. Jason Shellen gets to play because he works for Google. :( ::: are you my friend? yes - no "I am Jason Shellen, employee of Google, the new owners of Blogger, Blog*Spot and bStats! It's all about the [b]."

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