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     Tuesday, April 27, 2004

    What did I do with my Weekend?
    Friday night - Dinner at Mekong Thai followed by cocktails at the Isobar. Mel and I instigated the night out.. sometimes we were also joined by Alasdair, Ben and Tanya.

    Saturday - Breakfast at Urban Bistro with Alasdair, Ben and Mel. Alasdair got a Flat Panel Monitor. Fish out of Water for a late lunch. Went to Adrian's Ceroc (Modern Jive) class. Bit of Vegging. Went to Oscar's 25th Party (A Cocktail Party). Party hopped to Alice's going away party, then back to Oscars. Slept at Oscars.

    Sunday - Drove home from Oscars during ANZAC Day Dawn services. Slept. Slept some more. Told Ben and Mel that I'd prefer to go for a ride on Monday as I was still asleep. Slept more. Went to The Archer to discuss AIV Constitution stuff. Came home.. Went to Stirlig for diner with Tanya and Sarah. Stayed at Tanya's the night. Watched "Love Actually" and "Cry Baby". So Girly.

    Monday - Drove home from Tanya's. Breakfast at Paradiso with Alasdair and Michael. Caught the train to Belair with Mel and Ben and 3 bikes. Rode around Belair. Found that when something says "Walking Trail" you shouldn't take your bike (unless you can lift it over your head and carry it up stairs). Also, if the sign says "Fire Trail" it means only Flying Fire Trucks can drive on it as the road is really just a big pile of rocks. Had a BBQ at Belair. Zoomed down Belair road. Had coffee at Ben's mum's house. Eventually got home. Did boring stuff like scanning our receipts and manuals for larger purchases (for insurance purposes). Had pizza for dinner. Went past Margit's house to get stuff we'd left at Oscar's house. Showed Adrian the Morris hall (possible Ceroc Venue). Went to Morris. Came home and finished the scanning. Did washing. Splatted.

    Now I have to get my butt to work. :)

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