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     Saturday, April 03, 2004

    At AUCS Camp
    At AUCS camp during rehearsal I've decided to use the palm keyboard for good instead of evil. I'ts a bit hard to balance on my lap and I keep being told to sing. I should take a sound clip of the choir during camp and put it on the blog too. That'd be cool. Either way I decided to do this because Alasdair read my blog and pointed out that I really don't get around to dribbling shit enough and it's mainly interesting links. Well we can blame google for making it easy for me to add links. I tried to set up blogmail for palm but when blogger doesn't let you email in your blog it doesn't help a lot. So cut and paste it is. Well it's about to be lunchtime. I should go line up for fud. Really, there should be a lot more dribble, photos and sound on my blog. But face it, the times when i have enough time to blog is rarely when I am at home. And when I'm at home bored is also not when I've got anything interesting to write about. Lunch now. (lots of people are telling me I am a dickhead geek for using a palm keyboard at a choir camp)

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