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     Thursday, March 25, 2004

    Australian IT - Geeks need a makeover to attract girls (Diana Thorp, MARCH 23, 2004)
    Australian IT - Geeks need a makeover to attract girls (Diana Thorp, MARCH 23, 2004)

    I wrote some feedback to The Australian:

    It's a lot simpler than you might think. As a girl who studied IT for a while I realised that the guys can walk into an IT job and say "I can do that" and they are believed. The girls will get a degree, diploma, etc etc and still are knocked back as employers are not sure whether they know enough for the job. It's a boys world and the girls have to be very tough to convince IT employers they are worthy of employment. Some girls also get by on the "we need more girls working here" clause which is all wrong. It leaves qualified IT females unsure of their eligibility for the jobs. They stay in helpdesk positions while less qualified guys go for higher positions. Even if they're all tinkering with the same things behind the scenes.

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