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     Friday, February 06, 2004

    Thankyou DNRC :)
    "Then you have the low-carb dieters. This involves the active avoidance of life-giving antioxidants while scarfing massive amounts of known carcinogens until someone punches you to death for bragging about how much weight you lost."

    "I think they must put something in food that makes you have to go to the bathroom".

    "I work in a restaurant that has open-air rooftop dining. While explaining this to a woman who called to make a reservation, she asked me, "Now, the roof, is that on the top of the building?" "

    "One of our school district's principals was trying to get his staff to bond. Their ears perked up when he announced, "And we really have to get closer together and learn to trust each other more. To that end, we are going to have some bondage activities this afternoon." "

    Dilbert DVD!!

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