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     Saturday, February 21, 2004

    Relaxing day
    After a gorgeous fruit salad at T-Bar Alasdair and I trundled down to Freedom to get some makeshift (oops! nearly had a freudian typo - makeshit) furniture. I bought a pretend wardrobe and ordered a shelf for the bathroom that I failed to measure and then realised it wasn't going to fit anyway. Alasdair went to a LAN party about lunch time. I took back the DVD (Bad Eggs) we borrowed from Kino on Thursday night and pointed out that it had been pretty scratched. They told me to take a freebie. So i did. I watched "View from the top" (which is a silly, girly movie with Gwynneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate in it) over lunch. Finally, I decided it was a nice day for a walk (it was raining) so I set off back to Freedom to get refunded for the shelf I ordered and now didn't want. After wandering around town for a while I realised I had horrible blisters and had to pike and catch the bus home. Plus, I ended up with a much cheaper, nastier version of the shelf I wanted for the bathroom because nothing else was going to fit! *grumble* I've set up the shelf since getting home and pretty much done bugger all since then. "Mrs Doubtfire" is on TV tonight.. followed by "Being John Malkovich" so I think I'm due for a Big Night In (TM). I've never seen "Mrs Doubtfire". Even if it's crap I'll be entertained waiting for the gem of a movie to come. Maybe the TV station planned it that way. Or maybe it's one of those movie doubles designed to showcase the talents of a star who has a new movie coming out at the cinemas soon. I'm sure It will be riveting to find out. Maybe I should get icecream too. :)

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