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     Sunday, February 15, 2004

    Waiting - The True Confessions of a Waitress by Debra Ginsberg.

    Tanya gave me this book for my birthday and I only just started reading it.. It's a fascinating read, especially for someone who has done waiting themselves. What with the hot weather and all (44 degrees yesterday) I've been hiding in the air conditioned lounge room with this book for most of this morning so far and a fair chunk of yesterday. As for the book, I am starting to wonder if people who haven't done wating or any equally demeaning customer service role would actually get it. On the other hand.. most people have tried it for at least a day. Even Alasdair worked in a hot dog stand for a day or two. :)

    The book is actually more of an auto-biography of her own expriences waiting.. but that's what people really want to read - the real stuff. Things that *actually* happenned to her. On a twisted note it's almost like reality TV. Maybe that's the new thing.. reality books. :P But seriously, it's quite insightful and direct. I love the psychology involved. She is psycho-analysing all the customers, herself and all her fellow wait-staff along the way. I relate to it for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, despite her efforts to prove that her life has been interesting, I know how terminally boring waiting really is.. and that she has done rather a lot of it to get the amount of stories she has bundled into this novel. It's the other life experiences and psychology that make this book a worthwhile read. Plus, she is actually quite entertaining and has a great style and wit about her.

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