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     Saturday, November 29, 2003

    Digital TV Favouring during Transition from Analogue TV - Why SBS botched the Walkleys This pisses me off. the digital/analogue "war" is dumb. The way the commercial networks are handling it is fine.. and besides we *want* people to want digital so it makes sense for the digital broadcast to be favoured. Grr. People are dumb.

    SBS is good because of the foreign movies. We like subtitles!!

    Posted at 3:20 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, November 27, 2003

    Awful Plastic Surgery: Jocelyn Wildenstein
    Awful Plastic Surgery: Jocelyn Wildenstein Scary! Scary!

    Posted at 5:40 AM # | Comments

    Engrish TTT Captions
    Engrish TTT Captions
    More Funnies for Bored People.. and lets face it.. anyone reading this is bored. :P

    Posted at 5:29 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, November 26, 2003

    The Negative Effects Of Alcohol
    MadBlast - The Negative Effects Of Alcohol
    Heh. This is cute.. but Friday nights wouldn't be as much fun if people took any notice of the warnings :P

    Posted at 2:00 PM # | Comments

    Gollum accepting an MTV award
    Gollum accepting an MTV award

    Posted at 1:47 PM # | Comments

    What not to say during LOTR
    QDB: Quote #177548
    How to get killed during LOTR 3..

    Posted at 1:41 PM # | Comments

     Monday, November 24, 2003

    Snapple Pie - Just Like Grandma Used To Make...Snapple Pie
    This just proves the world is mad.

    Posted at 6:52 AM # | Comments

     Friday, November 21, 2003

    Online Supermarket
    Banana Blue - It's a Supermarket Online!

    Wow! An online grocer that delivers to me and lets me have favourites!

    Adelaide is *so* behind in these things.

    Anyway.. Yay!

    Posted at 9:44 AM # | Comments

    Test Australia>IQ2003homepage
    Test Australia>IQ2003homepage

    The National IQ Test. I wonder how many people took it.. This site will let you do it for $5.50! Whoopee! Not interested. Not that I believe IQ tests are even remotely accurate or anything but that one was apparently really shite.. lots of general knowledge questions and not much in the way of IQ questions. Not that it would have helped really, since you can learn to do IQ questions better (to a degree) and that's why their so wildly innacurate. Anyone doing an IQ test for a second time should do better than their first because they learned from the first time. Well, unless they have had some brain damage in the meantime anyway. :)

    Ooh.. and will you check out the results! That's both wildly innacurate and statistically unsound. Heh.. Lets take a subset of people who watch TV on a Tuesday night. Then lets get the subset of people who want to do an iq test. Then the subset of people that can be bothered submitting their results (possibly online which is an even weirder subset). Then lets run a dodgy IQ test and see what results we get and what that says about our strange subset of Australians. Hehe. It says "Statistics are fun!"

    But wait.. there's more! Mensa is an elite club you an join if your IQ is higher than 98% of the Australian population. Which brings me to another thought.. What if the Nation gets smarter? Do you get kicked out because now you're only higher than 97% of people? Heh. My mind works in weird ways.. sorry :)

    Posted at 6:50 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, November 20, 2003

    Allan Kennington - Dome City Adelaide
    dome city Adelaide
    Oh my god.. It's Allan Kennington's page?!?!?!?!

    Gawd, he thinks about weird stuff..

    You know he got kicked out of FUCS for refusing to wear clothes enough of the time??

    Posted at 7:33 AM # | Comments

     Tuesday, November 18, 2003

    Flash Slideshow from the Hubble Telescope
    Flash Slideshow from the Hubble Telescope
    This is a pretty neat slideshow of views from the Hubble telescope. Most of it's pretty basic knowledge.. but if you're like me and are a bit forgetful of your basic Astronomy knowledge then it's cool. Oh, and even if you aren't forgetful.. it's pretty!

    Posted at 5:21 AM # | Comments

     Monday, November 17, 2003

    Lazy days
    I love just getting to veg out sometimes. The beach yesterday was most relaxing.. I got thoroughly sunburnt and all was well. :)

    Posted at 7:54 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, November 16, 2003

    Ice Skating and Beach Bumming
    Last night I went ice skating at the Noarlunga ice staking rink. It was great! Plus, I've now found a few more people with rollerblades to go skating with. Yay! Must've worn me out though, cause I slept for 10.5 hours last night. :)
    Beach bumming today! Yay! And if it's warm enough I'm going to learn how to surf! Woohoo. Well most likely I'll learn how to suck at surfing.. but whatever. :)

    Posted at 12:38 AM # | Comments

     Friday, November 14, 2003

    weebls stuff
    Badgers! Badgers! Badgers! Mushroom! Snake!

    Posted at 11:01 AM # | Comments

    The Onion | Mom Finds Out About Blog
    This is pretty funny stuff. I think I'd better watch what I say :P The Onion | Mom Finds Out About Blog

    Posted at 9:49 AM # | Comments

    eBay - Australia's Online Marketplace

    Help. I decided to look at ebay!
    Now I'm bidding on shit I don't need and selling shit I don't need. :)

    Posted at 9:12 AM # | Comments

    Friday Night Pressure
    Is there some unwritten rule that you *must* go out on a Friday night? I just want to splat in front of the TV or read but I feel obliged to make an effort to go somewhere. This society is so consumer driven. Spend Spend Spend. Nup. Staying home. Not going to pay for anything. So there!

    Posted at 8:53 AM # | Comments

     Monday, November 10, 2003

    The Language of Lagomorphs
    God this is weird!

    Posted at 11:08 AM # | Comments

    Sheet Music Plus - Search Results
    Personalised ads are weird. Blogger is giving me personalised ads according to what I've written about. Getting ads for handbell sheet music is strange

    Posted at 8:08 AM # | Comments

    Building a Balancing Scooter

    Very strange stuff. I sort of like them but even if i had one I'd never use it.

    Posted at 8:05 AM # | Comments