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     Friday, November 21, 2003

    Test Australia>IQ2003homepage
    Test Australia>IQ2003homepage

    The National IQ Test. I wonder how many people took it.. This site will let you do it for $5.50! Whoopee! Not interested. Not that I believe IQ tests are even remotely accurate or anything but that one was apparently really shite.. lots of general knowledge questions and not much in the way of IQ questions. Not that it would have helped really, since you can learn to do IQ questions better (to a degree) and that's why their so wildly innacurate. Anyone doing an IQ test for a second time should do better than their first because they learned from the first time. Well, unless they have had some brain damage in the meantime anyway. :)

    Ooh.. and will you check out the results! That's both wildly innacurate and statistically unsound. Heh.. Lets take a subset of people who watch TV on a Tuesday night. Then lets get the subset of people who want to do an iq test. Then the subset of people that can be bothered submitting their results (possibly online which is an even weirder subset). Then lets run a dodgy IQ test and see what results we get and what that says about our strange subset of Australians. Hehe. It says "Statistics are fun!"

    But wait.. there's more! Mensa is an elite club you an join if your IQ is higher than 98% of the Australian population. Which brings me to another thought.. What if the Nation gets smarter? Do you get kicked out because now you're only higher than 97% of people? Heh. My mind works in weird ways.. sorry :)

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