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     Saturday, July 31, 2004

    I'm not sure what Rob was thinking though :P Posted by Hello

    Posted at 10:28 AM # | Comments

    Amanda took the Retro-Funk theme at FUCS camp seriously. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 10:27 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, July 28, 2004


    This land!! Worth watching if you like laughing at US politics. :)

    Posted at 6:31 AM # | Comments

    Zen Gardens
    Zen Gardens

    I love Japanese Gardens. I had better learn Japanese so I can stay there a while :)

    Posted at 4:40 AM # | Comments

    MP3Blogs Aggregator
    MP3Blogs Aggregator

    Searching for mp3's on people's blogs... Nice!

    Posted at 4:36 AM # | Comments

     Monday, July 26, 2004

    I won't be requiring this any more Posted by Hello

    Posted at 4:17 PM # | Comments

    Margit also hated her picture :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 4:03 PM # | Comments

    Oscar asked me to put a better picture of him on the website. (See, he's not always grumpy!!) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:55 PM # | Comments

    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 11:30 AM # | Comments

    Some Quotes

    Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion
    - Arthur Koestler

    Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago
    - Bernard Berenson

    Posted at 10:05 AM # | Comments

    Boring Class
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 5:38 AM # | Comments

    I got a distinction!
    Yay! That assignment I worked my ass off for got me a distinction! Fantastic! I am so great!

    Posted at 2:16 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, July 25, 2004

    Alice is also living here. She's very cool. She talks about babies a lot.  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:48 PM # | Comments

    Phoebe is one of the most intelligent cute people you will ever meet. She's here a lot. Bring on the 500 games! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:30 PM # | Comments

    Oska!! This is a very grumpy shot. He's not usually grumpy. He lives here. I'll steal his room when he goes and marries Margit.  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:29 PM # | Comments

    Damien Day. He has a very long story. I'm glad he is also living in this house. He's always got something interesting to chat about.  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:29 PM # | Comments

    Jason is an old old friend of mine who is now seeing Ali - so he's around a bit too. Yay! Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:27 PM # | Comments

    Ali actually lives here. She gave me a curtain and chocolaet and generally ensured people pulled together to clean up a room for me. Absolute legend. Her brownies rock too. :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:26 PM # | Comments

    Wilkins is around a bit too Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:21 PM # | Comments

    This is Cassia. She is also a sweety. She is completely oblivious to how many fans she has. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:20 PM # | Comments

    This is Tonja. She's a sweety. She's where the party is. If she's not there.. go home - you've missed it. :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:19 PM # | Comments

    So does Margit. I hope she forgets this expression on her wedding day :P Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:15 PM # | Comments

    Ian has a very special knack for the right expression at the right time.  He is about to start paying rent here as he is here so often. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:14 PM # | Comments

    Moving right along to my new home and weird shit that happens here. Damien created this while a few of us chatted. You can see I'll fit right in here. Here are some photos of the people you'd generally see around my new house. In fact a lot of these photos were taken in this house. They're a really nice bunch.  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:13 PM # | Comments

    He's not always so well dressed. this cat came and visited us. I wanted to keep it. :( Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:11 PM # | Comments

    Here's a freakier photo. :) Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:01 PM # | Comments

    This is the boy I just lost. Stupid stupid boy. I spoke to him today. I made him tell me why he loved me. I don't know why. It was nice to hear him say it, though. All too late though. He can't take back the lies.  Posted by Hello

    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 11:59 AM # | Comments

    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings
    LunaNi� | Unconscious Mutterings:
    1. Sleep:: Deprivation
    2. Stats:: Made Up
    3. Portfolio:: Resume
    4. Lipton:: Tea
    5. Telly:: Vyssion
    6. Immigrate:: Emmigrate
    7. Viable:: Option
    8. Serene:: Calm
    9. Mountain:: Top
    10. Natalie:: James

    Posted at 11:46 AM # | Comments

    A Lot to Be Upset About
    A Lot to Be Upset About: "A Lot to Be Upset About
    Draco Malfoy was a bitter, bitter boy."

    Posted at 11:26 AM # | Comments

    Grit My Teeth - Bravenet Web Journal
    Grit My Teeth - Bravenet Web Journal

    This guy went to take photos of a really funky swing that I want to go on. :)

    How cool would it be to go on a tour of all the cool swings in the world?

    The Secret Swing Posted by Hello

    Posted at 11:23 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, July 24, 2004

    Testing that Photoblog thingo.  Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:54 PM # | Comments

    Things are looking up
    I have now set up my computer so I can access the internet on my own machine. W00t! I have an email address that is unrelated to the internode account and my alias is being redirected.

    I'm still morbid but at least the little things are still okay. There's hope for me yet.

    People keep getting me drunk which is great and all but I really hate hangovers. :) It has to stop.

    Posted at 12:31 PM # | Comments

    Wow. Blogger have their own photoblog stuff and I only just noticed. I'll be using that with my phone camera :) Woohoo!

    Posted at 12:24 AM # | Comments

     Friday, July 23, 2004

    Can't sleep
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 11:15 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, July 22, 2004

    I'll keep going..
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 11:43 AM # | Comments

    Email warnings

    I will have to ensure I clean up all these email entries so they don't have the foot long warnings from Australian Central advising that these are not Australian Central's opinions. Cause that would be likely. :)

    I'll leave this one just for show.


    The information in this email and any attachments to it are confidential and privileged. Unless you are the intended recipient, you are not authorised to disseminate, copy, retain or rely on this communication or any part of it. If you have received this communication in error please notify sender of this document.

    Whilst we have taken various steps to alert us to the presence of computer viruses we do not guarantee that the communication is virus free and we recommend you test it before opening it.

    Any views expressed in this communication are those of the individual sender unless the sender expressly states them to be the views of Australian Central Credit Union Ltd and/or Financial Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd.

    If this email contains advice then such advice has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Therefore, before you act on the advice, you should assess whether it is appropriate for you, in light of your objectives, financial situation and needs. If this advice recommends that you should acquire a particular financial product, you should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement for that product and consider the information in it before deciding to acquire the product.


    Posted at 9:40 AM # | Comments

    Today is pretty shit
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 8:52 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    And now he wants to talk..
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 9:00 AM # | Comments

    Alasdair is a wanker
    This post is now friends locked on livejournal here

    Posted at 8:36 AM # | Comments

    This won an award in a Digital Arts Festival
    Cool Flash Thing

    Posted at 7:45 AM # | Comments

     Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Badgers Live

    This is disturbing!

    Posted at 11:43 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, July 18, 2004

    Last night I went out with Jason, Tanya & Mark. We went to Worldsend for some early drinks and then hit the Vodka Bar. It was full of snobbier people than I remember from last time. They nearly didn't let us in because it was freezing out and we were wearing jackets. So we buggered off to Supermild and spent the rest of the evening there. Since I was so bloody tired (from getting up early) I piked and caught the last bus home. Alasdair and I watched Rage when I got home cause it had a weird selection put on by one of the members of KLF. Lots of 90's dance music.

    Posted at 1:10 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, July 17, 2004

    This morning was the annual Wassail. We get up way too early and head up to Mt Barker for breakfast, scrumpy, mead and stuff. Then we sing around an apple tree (so the tree grows well), pop some party poppers all over the tree and go back to the party. :)

    It's a strange, but fun, tradition.

    Posted at 1:10 PM # | Comments

    Jenny and I saw "The Day After Tomorrow". We were so giggly it was hilarious. Gaping plot holes, vague scientific merit - worth a chuckle. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:57 PM # | Comments

     Friday, July 16, 2004

    Alasdair, Ben, Mel and I all saw "Farenheit 911" together. It was fantastic, though unfortunately did not cover much more ground than his books. Either way, Michael Moore is a god. He's bringing the new to all the people who don't read. And even if they do read.. Movies have a different impact to books. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 4:28 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, July 08, 2004

    I watched "The Duck Shooter" with Tanya and Mark.. I had heard that it wasn't all ocka Australian.. but, er, it was. Oh well. It was fairly interesting to watch, but just not entirely my sort of play. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 3:54 PM # | Comments