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     Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Exciting stuff!
    Bruce got a promotion! He's now the tech support guy at Sentek. The other guys is busy training him for the next two weeks and then he's it!

    I got asked to be a core member of Lumina, which is pretty exciting because they are VERY good. I wasn't expecting it at all either, since I only just started singing as an extra. I'm totally stoked!

    Wedding plans are progressing merrily. I've been trying on dresses and becoming extremely girly. I'm very, very scared that I am seriously considering spending a LOT on a dress. What the? I think there's a virus that engaged women get that makes them want to spend up big. It's scary, but it's fun. :)

    We also went to the show on Saturday and went on HEAPS of rides. It was actually fun. I swear it was because there were kids to play with. I had fun, anyway!

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     Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Upcoming Choral Concerts
    Just a quick post for those choral music fans out there. I'm involved in heaps of choir stuff over the next couple of months with Corinthians and Lumina. Both choirs are singing some gorgeous stuff and are well worth a listen!

    A couple of church services with Corinthians:

    Evensong at St Peter’s Cathedral
    7pm, Sunday September 9th

    Morning service, St Johns Halifax Street
    Sunday September 14th

    And performances with Lumina:

    England versus France ~ The battle for choral mastery
    5pm, Sunday 30th September
    Crafers Church of the Epiphany
    $15/$10 (phone Libby to book: 8339 1274)

    Thus nature rejoicing!
    3‑3.30pm at the Schomburgk Pavillion, then
    3.45-4pm in the Palm House
    Sunday 7th October

    If you can't come there will be another chance in December. :)

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     Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Wedding plans!
    Bruce and I have narrowed down all the possible weekends for the wedding and it looks like it will be mid February (16th or 17th) if all things fall into place nicely. So, we're now forced to jump into action with the organising to ensure we can actually get a celebrant!

    International and interstate types - This is your official heads up on the time. Don't book tickets here until I say something a little more concrete though, okay? :)

    *runs off to do organising*


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