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     Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    links for 2006-10-31

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     Monday, October 30, 2006

    links for 2006-10-30

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     Sunday, October 29, 2006

    links for 2006-10-29

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    Cool Statues

    Full selection of statue pics here

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     Saturday, October 28, 2006

    More L33t Catz

    Taken from another list of l33t catz here.

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    links for 2006-10-28

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    Tiny horse!

    Oh, so cute!!
    This came from here where there are a few other pics of this teensy horse. Awww...

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     Friday, October 27, 2006

    links for 2006-10-27

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     Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Armchair travelling in Åland
    Wow. We just found a flickr group for Åland and did a bit of a flickr slideshow tour. This place is gorgeous.

    Gorgeous stuff:

    We also found some funny stuff:

    We have also learned that Mariehamn seems to be a pretty popular port for big tourist ocean liners. Why that wasn't mentioned in any of the tourist info I read I have no idea.

    Whee! Vikings!

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    links for 2006-10-26

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    Cool hunting!
    Ah. The joy of reading 50 very cool websites without the effort :)

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    Sorry about all the linky linky
    I have been going pretty hard on the links lately.. but it's all for a good cause.

    I'm trying to design a good css layout for the Stage Left Events site. I have a real graphic designer working on a pretty styling mockup for me (and a logo).. but all the css I'm going to do myself. So, I actually have to learn the ins and outs of Joomla before I really know how it all works with css. It seems to make sense easily enough.. but there's lots of little silly bits. Lots to learn, anyway. :)

    So, yah, don't go spreading that url around too much. Currently, it has a free template on it.. it's quite a cool template, but it's not mine. So, it's not ready to launch. And besides, it has bugger all content yet. So, keep it to yourself a while until I'm ready.

    I've also been reading up on blog stuff for the site so I can get more people to it and stuff. Some weird pop-psych stuff, but it's all fun and interesting. Well, to me it is. :P

    Lots and lots of links about Finland. I have a LOT to learn. And fast.

    And some yoga and running links because I really need to get back into both! It's good inspiration. Honest!

    So, anyway, the business is going pretty well. I nearly have things set up to my liking. The blog about starting a business is still developing and moving along. Soon I will have to actually start running events regardless of whether I think things are perfect as I need to get the money coming in.

    But things are great. Lots of fun stuff in the works. Yay!

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     Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    links for 2006-10-25

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     Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    links for 2006-10-24

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    Moving to Finland!
    Bruce and I have worked out where in Finland we'd like to move to. Which is really useful.. because the main language there is Swedish, not Finnish.. so we'd better learn that first, huh?

    Åland is really cool. They seem to have lots of cycling, canoeing, kayaking and festivals. The festival I'm most interested in is Rockoff which actually headlined with Lordi this year. How cool would it be to run a festival with Eurovision winners headlining?!? *drools*

    If you look at the map below, Åland is the island in the south west. Well, I say "island" when what I really mean is "about a million little islands".

    I've been doing virtual tours of Finland and finding out about hiking trails through bear country, scooter safaris, week long bike tours and horse riding tours. It's just so cool!!

    Oh. And they have a Moominworld. That rocks.

    Oh and this whole moving to Finland thing is a few years off yet. We have to learn Swedish to start with!

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    Armchair travelling in India!
    I am having so much fun comparing Jason Standing's take on India with Tim and Traci's opinions.

    Jason loves looking around, walking and laughing at crazy signs and monkey piss, coffee machines and beer whereas Tim and Traci were a bit over it by the end and spent most of their time paying out the tourists on spiritual journeys, wishing they had a salad to eat and that they had never gone to Delhi.

    I swear these guys must have also walked right by each other in Heathrow in opposite directions too. Tim and Traci just got back to London and Jason just left.

    This world is a crazy place. India seems to be one of the weirdest bits. :)

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    Originally uploaded by smange.

    Aw. My cat is so cute!

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     Monday, October 23, 2006

    links for 2006-10-23

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    And a fish
    I had a random bored moment, so I also added a fish. :)

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    I got sick of blue...
    I got just a teensy bit sick of blue.. so I have changed the whole layout to sickly bright and colourful until I come up with a better idea. :)

    I'm thinking of it as a jellybean layout. *bounce*

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     Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Happy 1st Birthday Tamsin!

    Most of the time Tamsin looked like she was having fun at her party.. just not in this pic.

    Some people should learn not to stick their tongues out at the camera. :P

    Mel didn't do anything silly for the camera. Good for her!

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     Thursday, October 19, 2006

    links for 2006-10-19

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     Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    links for 2006-10-18

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    Happy Birthday Damien!!

    Damien 2
    Originally uploaded by smange.

    To one who is far, far older than he acts!!

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     Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    To write or not to write..

    I'm really not sure if I can do Nanowrimo this year. I mean, I have flexible time. I could potentially do it. But it might distract me from running my business too much. Hrm... Oh and there's another point to note: I have no plot ready.

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    links for 2006-10-17

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     Monday, October 16, 2006

    links for 2006-10-16

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     Friday, October 13, 2006

    links for 2006-10-13

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    Originally uploaded by smange_other.

    Maybe the books in the library were for teaching the cats to cook?

    Either way, this is too cute!

    More here

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     Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Bruce Picture!

    Originally uploaded by smange.

    I finally got some photos off my phone. I love this one :)

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    Cooking Kittens

    Originally uploaded by smange.

    I really have to wonder about the Hutt St library sometimes..

    The funniest bit about this was that we saw it and laughed so hard that the staff wanted to know what was funny. So we told them.. and it still hasn't been fixed up. Yay! At least I can learn how to cook kittens and ferrets. :)

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     Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    links for 2006-10-11

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     Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    links for 2006-10-10

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     Monday, October 09, 2006

    links for 2006-10-09

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    Is this the New Jamie Oliver?

    Originally uploaded by chapster2006.

    Katie and Annie organised the "Sharp Chef Speed Feed" on Friday night.

    Dale (Head chef: shown in photo) and Troy won with a fantastic spread that made us all drool. They even made use of the theme ingredients of Carrot and Pear (Yes, they both needed capital letters) which had to be in all dishes. Dale actually loved that bit because while all the other teams were trying to incorporate the flavours into their dishes nicely (or being completely unaware they had to put them in at all) Dale just got the judges' attention and made them watch him microplaning them into the meal.

    I was a piker (cause I was feeling ill) and didn't compete this time.. but next time I am so in!

    Chris Chapman has put up a stack of photos here

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     Sunday, October 08, 2006

    links for 2006-10-08

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    MORE, by Mark Osborne

    I've posted links to this before.. but it's still one of the best short films I've ever seen. So I thought I'd find the you tube clip of it and post properly.

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     Saturday, October 07, 2006

    links for 2006-10-07

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    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    sarah preston
    Originally uploaded by smange.

    Do you feel old yet? You should :P

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    The internet is a Party!

    The intertubes will suck you in, and you'll never escape

    I put this post here deliberately to distract all of my friends who should be writing their thesis. :P

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    Mr Dreamer - Eric Lerner

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     Friday, October 06, 2006

    links for 2006-10-06

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    And now, for a post that needs no introduction:
    (Thanks to Futurama for that lame post title)

    OMG Chess!

    Damien, Bruce and I went to see Chess The Musical at the Stirling Institute last night. Totally amateur, but totally cool.

    The orchestra had obvious issues with tricky timing and the strings made Damien cry (and not in a good way).

    Some of the singers were fantastic. In fact, all of the principal cast were brilliant. "I Know Him So Well" was GORGEOUS and The Russian's bass notes were meltworthy. The arbiter was a girl (Yes! A Girl!) who ROCKED. She had some serious power about her. "Pity the child" was done with magic which made me shiver. There was also a moment (I think it was "The argument") where I suddenly realised what a huge range those guys were expected to sing within. Yikes. High boy stuff!

    The funniest moment of the whole thing was when the Russians were singing. A couple of guys from the chorus were sitting on chairs with their arms crossed and sticking their legs out in a half arsed attempt at Cossack dancing. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair.. but no-one else seemed to find it funny. *shrug* Their loss :)

    We ran into Rachel Sag and Danny Sag who were a bit freaked to see all of us. Especially Danny, who knows Bruce and I separately.

    And we saw Jason Groves (Not together - that would be too weird) who I noted was completely failing to be in the production.

    Chess Chess Chess!!!

    And when we got home.. Damien and Bruce ran straight to the games shelf to get out a game of... Cathedral. WTF?

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     Thursday, October 05, 2006

    I need to scan some tickets!!
    Shite. I'm very behind on scanning tickets and stuff.. so there may be a spam out later. Whoops! Bugger it. I'm going to review last night now before I forget. :)

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    links for 2006-10-05

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    Happy Birthday Emma!

    lal and emma
    Originally uploaded by smange.

    Hope you have a great birthday!

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     Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    links for 2006-10-04

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    Russian Tunnel Video

    This is freaky. Remind me to never catch a bus in Russia EVER. Oh, and to not go into any tunnels!

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     Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Don't forget my LJ
    It's time for me to remind you all that if you want to know what's going on in my head you'll have to get a livejournal account, log in, be someone I want to tell my secrets to and then read this. Cause I'm not keen to share publicly anymore :) And BTW, if you're not logged in to LJ you'll pretty much just see crappy memes.

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    Camping Rocked!

    Silly Campers
    Originally uploaded by Holly.

    The weekend was fantastic! Thanks for organising it Katie! Holly has put her pics up on Flickr and Katie has posted about the trip too. Still waiting on Briony's photos. I really need my own digital camera. I took a few crappy photos on my phone (of Bruce asleep on the ground next to Dale's dog, Africa), but they really suck.

    Kuitpo is gorgeous. Unfortunately, lots of people realised that so there were quite a few people at the campsite and we had one super stinky long drop between the lot of us. We went to Chookarloo (or Tjukarlu as it said on most of the signs) and it had the most gorgeous trees everywhere. It was also not far from a paddock full of cows, so it almost felt like you were camping in someone's back yard.. which is a little weird.

    Mat and Gemma lent us a whole lot of gear and Matt (Yes, different Matt) lent us hs car which saved us from not being able to go. Yay! Thanks guys! But, guess what we forgot? A hammer, a bucket (We had a sink, but that's really not much good for transporting water), an axe and a CAN OPENER!!

    Bruce and I got there well before anyone else (and their can openers) and we were pretty relaxed and cruisey by the time the others showed up. Katie, Dale, Briony, Damien and Annie did a fair bit of riding over the weekend but Bruce and I couldn't get our bikes down there, so we brought our hiking boots and walked a lot. I don't remember if Alie went riding or not. Katie brought Bocce balls, which kept people entertained. Other people, not me. I have no coordination. There was a yoga session at one point, too. We also played scrabble on Saturday afternoon with beer and burgers. Nice!

    It was really good to get to know Katie's crowd a little more. I've sort of seen them at parties but hardly chatted until now. Nice bunch of people. And I also got to fill Annie in on the goings on of her own flatmates (Osk, Emma and Ed). Poor girl. I hardly see them these days, but I know more about what they're doing than she does. I also got to catch up a bit on Holly's life and meet her new man, Nathan. Those two are pretty much all over each other.. they look happy. :)

    Bruce and I weren't around for the killer breakfast with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on Sunday as we'd eaten a pretty awesome breakfast of eggs and asparagus a little earlier and gone off walkabout. It has to be said though, that Katie's new boy, Dale, is bloody organised and a brilliant cook. Nice score Katie!

    Katie and I spent most of the weekend laughing at Bruce and Dale trying to out-do each other and proving themselves to be the alpha male. Bruce goes out walking and comes back with a couple of trees.. Dale goes out the same way and comes back with a massive log and a lot of sweat. Hehe.

    Anyway, it was a totally relaxing weekend. Fantastic. I've really missed camping. More more more!

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    links for 2006-10-03

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