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     Wednesday, March 31, 2004

    IV Elections
    The IV steering commitee elections will be held on April 14th at AUCS rehearsal, 9pm.

    It's already too political. Meanwhile, Mark, Wilkins and Myself are runnung for convenor of the festival. Should be an interesting election :)

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     Monday, March 29, 2004

    Yay! You can play 20 questions with a computer. :)

    Posted at 11:57 PM # | Comments


    I'd forgotten about the indusrious clock. It's cool.

    Posted at 11:47 PM # | Comments

    "Usually, beeping of dosimeter speed me up and I pass this part of road as fast as road condition allow. The place in front of me called red or magic wood. In 1986 this wood has been red with radiation and then they cut it off and left there and bury under 1 meter of earth. As you can see, on asphalt things not bad, but if I step 10 meters forward, my dosimeter will run out of scale, if I walk few hundred meters towards reactor, then I will find 3 roengen. If I keep walking all the way to reactor, then at the end of a journey I will glow in a dark. May be this is why they call it a magic wood. this sort of a magic when one walk in in a biker leather and coming out like a knight in a shinning armour. "

    "Banks survived, even jewelry stores survived through evacuation day, but this shop didn't have a chance. P.S. Police start shooting marauders as only first radiactive tv sets appeared on a second hand market, in Kiev. "

    Posted at 12:49 PM # | Comments

     Sunday, March 28, 2004

    U B E R a r t: Buy art Rent art Create art
    U B E R a r t: Buy art Rent art Create art

    I saw some of the art from this place on display at the Night Letters Performance. I grabbed a postcard but I only just got around to looking at the website. Some of this stuff is amazing. I'd love to be able to buy some of it. :)

    Posted at 12:41 PM # | Comments

    Funny Quote
    "I've damaged my shoulder because I can't get a good screw" - James Cowling

    Posted at 10:57 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, March 25, 2004

    Unconscious Mutterings -
    After reading Katie's site I have finally worked out where she gets her funky word associations from.. so now I've decided to join in the fun. Probably, I will only remember to do it once a month or so - like the friday five :)

    1. Wife:: Stuck
    2. Criminal:: Bad
    3. Campaign:: McDonalds
    4. Infection:: Yuk
    5. Portland:: Never Been
    6. NASCAR:: Huh?
    7. IMAX:: Movies
    8. Martian:: Marvin
    9. Nike:: Sweat shop
    10. Trial:: and error

    Posted at 7:20 AM # | Comments


    Last night I got into a huge conversation about Aspartame with chemistry students who assured me it was perfectly safe. When aspartame breaks down it creates methanol in small doses, as does fruit. The anti-aspartame mobs are certain that Methanol is evil and can do all sorts of lovely things to you - like giving you man boobs.

    high priorities: scam-a-rama
    Debunking The Aspartame Myth

    Posted at 7:05 AM # | Comments

    Australian IT - Geeks need a makeover to attract girls (Diana Thorp, MARCH 23, 2004)
    Australian IT - Geeks need a makeover to attract girls (Diana Thorp, MARCH 23, 2004)

    I wrote some feedback to The Australian:

    It's a lot simpler than you might think. As a girl who studied IT for a while I realised that the guys can walk into an IT job and say "I can do that" and they are believed. The girls will get a degree, diploma, etc etc and still are knocked back as employers are not sure whether they know enough for the job. It's a boys world and the girls have to be very tough to convince IT employers they are worthy of employment. Some girls also get by on the "we need more girls working here" clause which is all wrong. It leaves qualified IT females unsure of their eligibility for the jobs. They stay in helpdesk positions while less qualified guys go for higher positions. Even if they're all tinkering with the same things behind the scenes.

    Posted at 5:47 AM # | Comments

    Sick Today
    I was feeling shite this morning so I took the day off work and TAFE. I'm feeling better now but still really blergh. Also, I hate being bored. When I'm sick I really can't do all the things I need or want to so I just end up bored. *sigh*

    Posted at 5:16 AM # | Comments | DIY dill shoots nail into brain (March 7, 2004) | DIY dill shoots nail into brain (March 7, 2004): "He was skylarking with mates over a few beers and took what he thought was an empty nail gun and pointed it at his head."

    W00t. New darwin awards honorable mention, methinks!!

    Posted at 4:03 AM # | Comments

    Pendulum rock. Unfortunately it's impossible to buy a CD of theirs. I wrote to the music co-ordinator for Fresh but they told me kindly that the CD hasn't been released. They've been playing a demo of Spiral they were sent. *sigh* more waiting.

    Posted at 2:33 AM # | Comments

    BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US reporter faked major stories
    BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US reporter faked major stories: "The investigation found strong evidence that he had made up substantial portions of at least eight major stories and lifted quotes and material from other competing publications. "

    Well, that's just ruined that paper's credibility entirely!! An a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his made up stories?!?! Shite. Glad he didn't win. That'd entirely discredit the Pulitzer Prize also.

    Posted at 1:33 AM # | Comments

    How Al Qaeda uses the Internet. 19/03/2004. ABC News Online
    How Al Qaeda uses the Internet. 19/03/2004. ABC News Online: "They say the Internet is one of Al Qaeda's key survival tools, through which it is waging a relentless propaganda campaign to incite war against the West."

    I'm a little bit worried that dickhead politcians might get it into their head to over regulate everyone's internet usage in order to try and stop Al Qaeda from spreading their propaganda.. on the other hand, they have no hope in hell, so I hope they realise that and decide not to bother. The article is fascinating as it realises this and tries to convince the west to use it as a learning tool to understand how Al Qaeda work. This is good thinking 99.

    Posted at 1:18 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, March 21, 2004

    The Butterfly Effect was fantastic! I love movies that make you think about what reality is anyway.. Everyone should watch this movie. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 1:47 PM # | Comments

    Lazy Day
    Sundays are lazy. Today I've done pretty much nothing. I'll go to bells soon but then I'll get right back to doing nothing.

    Alasdair and I are going to buy Margit's car today!! $120 - that's cheaper than registering my car. :)

    And Alasdair said I could borrow his bike to go to bells on. He won't get it back!!!!

    Posted at 2:23 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, March 20, 2004

    Another great photo of myselfPosted by Hello

    Posted at 2:01 PM # | Comments

    Possibly one of the best ever photos of me Posted by Hello

    Posted at 2:00 PM # | Comments

    Today I was at work until 12:30pm, then rode with Mel to Glenelg. We had fish and chips followed by icecream with Ben.. then rode home.

    Now I'm frantically getting ready for Tom's 21st party!!

    Posted at 8:29 AM # | Comments

     Friday, March 19, 2004

    Last night
    After working till 7:30pm Mel and I hit the streets. Straight to the Kava bar for kava shots.. then when our tongues were numb we wandered off in search of food. Jerusalem on Hindley made us yummy Kafta (lamb meatballs with chilli sauce and yoghurt). Then Pizza revolutions made us cheap yummy pizza. Then the Isobar caught our attention and that's where we stayed for the rest of he night, perusing the choices of cocktail on the menu. YUM!!

    Posted at 9:50 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, March 18, 2004 | The new Pentagon papers | The new Pentagon papers

    Is anyone surprised? I mean really? I think not!

    Posted at 11:56 AM # | Comments

    Vicious Burger Thursday
    This is almost a ritual now. :)

    Fish Out Of Water rock!

    Posted at 9:38 AM # | Comments

    Alasdair's Haiku
    My cellphone goes *ring*
    It is my girlfriend again
    *click* go to voicemail

    Posted at 4:56 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, March 17, 2004

    US astronomers discover 10th 'planet'. 16/03/2004. ABC News Online
    US astronomers discover 10th 'planet'. 16/03/2004. ABC News Online
    Is Pluto a giant comet?
    IAU / The Status of Pluto

    Posted at 10:10 PM # | Comments

    Hunt the Wumpus
    Hunt the Wumpus
    CIS587 : The Wumpus World
    Hunt the Wumpus
    Games of the 70s, Hunt The Wumpus

    How very strange.

    Posted at 10:06 PM # | Comments

    St Patrick's Day
    I did manage to squish in some celebrations for St Patrick after AUCS. We rocked up at the Brecknock late and were pretty surprised that we could get to the bar at all. Mmm Guinness...

    Posted at 2:26 PM # | Comments

     Tuesday, March 16, 2004

    Compy 386!!
    Compy 386!!

    TMBG got onto Home Star Runner! Scary combination. :)

    Posted at 8:34 AM # | Comments

     Monday, March 15, 2004

    "Night Letters" was an amazingly long and depressing piece of work. I saw it with Ali. It was really well done and not much at all what I expected. Posted by Hello

    Posted at 9:42 PM # | Comments

    Night Letters
    I saw the State Theatre Company's Performance of "Night Letters" with Ali last night. It went until nearly midnight.. 3 3/4 hours including 2 intervals!!

    It was fantastic. The Queens Theatre is an amazing venue, the actors are brilliant. The script, set, all the rest were extremely well done. I was really impressed. I am very much looking forward to using all the other free tickets I scored to their performances this year. Next one: "A Number" on Thursday 15th May 8:15pm - Come along!

    Posted at 9:17 PM # | Comments

     Sunday, March 14, 2004

    Bike Ride
    Today there was no bells so Mel, Ben and I went for a ride to Glenelg. While we were there we stopped at Gringo's for some nachos, chili con queso and sangria. Mmm...

    In the evening Alasdair and I had Ben, Mel, Ali and Jason over for dinner. We had a soba noodle soup and a chicken rogan josh.

    Mmm... excellent food day. :)

    Posted at 12:48 PM # | Comments

     Saturday, March 13, 2004

    The Register
    The Register

    Swiss Army Thingo that has a USB flash memory stick. Cool. I want one!

    Posted at 11:30 PM # | Comments

    Mr. Picassohead
    Mr. Picassohead

    I should really get to that homework, hey. :P

    Posted at 11:07 PM # | Comments

    The quarterlife crisis -
    The quarterlife crisis - "I just have this horrible feeling that I'm wasting my life. I have no definition. Some people would say that it's exciting - I'm a blank canvas with lots of potential. I just find it extremely scary"

    Posted at 11:05 PM # | Comments

    HubbleSite - NewsCenter - 2004 - 07 - Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies
    HubbleSite - NewsCenter - 2004 - 07 - Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies

    We are so smart. We are so smart. S-M-A-T.. I mean S-M-A-R-T.

    Supposed to be doing homework. This is me.. doing homework. Hmm. :)

    Posted at 10:51 PM # | Comments

    Working Working
    Today I was working most of the day at BASS. After I finished I came home and crashed out with Alasdair for a few hours so we completely failed to get to Margit and Oscar's Engagement party. We Suck.

    Well, considering we were out late and drinking for the AUCS PCP last night it is really understandable, but whatever :)

    Posted at 11:51 AM # | Comments

     Friday, March 12, 2004

    AUCS Concert Review
    From the Tiser on Saturday...

    Virgins in a Clean White Garment

    Bar on Gouger

    By Elizabeth Silsbury

    "Loll about on squishy sofas, sip away at a chardonnay, have a Shiatsu massage, even smoke (ugh! but it's a bar after all) and enjoy about 35 students and friends from the Adelaide University Choral Society singing their hearts out. It's a mix of cheerful and soulful partsongs, madrigals, spirituals and poppy arrangements from many countries and several centuries.

    Sacred and secular, Shaker and Zulu, sorry and happy, ancient and modern, African, American and Russian, it's pretty well all the same to these mostly untrained voices.

    Roughish tone, reasonable pitch, snappy rhythms, modest but smooth movement . they jump for joy and pump power salutes to Praise the Lord in sober Dr Tye's motet. Bare bones programs, but plenty of time before, during interval and after to mingle and chat with the singers and gentle but firm conductor Peter Kelsall.

    More like 90 minutes than the advertised 120, but still excellent value.


    Posted at 11:40 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, March 11, 2004

    Not Vicious Burger Thursday
    Because of the AUCS concert Alasdair and I decided that dinner would have to be closer to AUCS. Mandarin House (on Gouger Street) it is. Mmm. Well, it had to be one of our favourite restaurants.. it's not like we get to see each other any other day of the week.

    Posted at 2:04 PM # | Comments

     Tuesday, March 09, 2004

    AUCS Concerts
    We have AUCS concerts for three nights straight at The Bar on Gouger as part of The Fringe. Boy are we going to be sick of this music.

    Posted at 9:32 PM # | Comments

    I Like Frank in Adelaide
    I Like Frank in Adelaide

    I will have to play this and see if it is any good. It certainly has a lot of hype.

    Posted at 8:50 AM # | Comments

    Locus Online: 2003 Recommended Reading
    Locus Online: 2003 Recommended Reading

    Wow. This is an excellent list of books in various genres. I have to read more. :) I need more time!!!!

    Posted at 8:33 AM # | Comments

     Monday, March 08, 2004 | Road rage: police officer questioned (March 8, 2004) | Road rage: police officer questioned (March 8, 2004)

    Oh my god! Our police force is nuts.

    Posted at 10:07 PM # | Comments

    Where do the cars go?
    Okay. When people get arrested while they're out and about what happens to their cars? I mean if they've left them in a commercial car park do they just stay there until the owner tows them away? What about on a street? Do they get their parking tickets reimbursed if they're found not guilty? What if the council tows them away?

    Or maybe do they send another officer to drive the car somewhere for them? Do they expect that in your one phonecall you're going to remember to tell someone to grab the spare key and move it for you?

    Posted at 9:58 PM # | Comments

     Sunday, March 07, 2004

    The lights at womad Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:57 PM # | Comments

    Womad Versus AUCS
    Right, who put the AUCS rehearsal at the exact same time as the Cat Empire were playing at Womad?!?!?!?

    Either way, I'm too stuffed to go back to womad now. I was working there yesterday (after a lazy breakfast at East Terrace Continental) , I got to have a wander around before heading to the Marianettes' Housewarming... but I was just so stuffed.

    Posted at 8:58 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, March 06, 2004 | Road rage kills toddler (March 7, 2004) | Road rage kills toddler (March 7, 2004)

    Ben told me this story last night at the Marianettes' Housewarming. I think this is pretty sick. Some people are complete wankers, that's for sure.

    Posted at 11:26 PM # | Comments

     Friday, March 05, 2004

    Mel's Birthday Party
    Today I worked 8:30 - 2:30 at ACCU followed by 3:05 to 8:05 at BASS.. guess what I said on my second call at bass? "Welcome to Australian Central this is angela" - hehe. I am a loser. :)

    Mel's birthday dinner was at Mapo (Korean restaurant on Gouger Street). I love Mapo the food is fantastic!

    Posted at 2:02 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, March 04, 2004

    Dov the pirate Posted by Hello

    Posted at 12:55 PM # | Comments


    Did I see this before? I can't recall... and I'm too slack to read my own blog to find out. :)

    Posted at 12:46 PM # | Comments

    Ananova - Paris Hilton 'falls in pond at Rings party'
    Ananova - Paris Hilton 'falls in pond at Rings party'

    I kind of feel sorry for Stars cause they're unable to even just go to a party anymore. :)

    Posted at 12:36 PM # | Comments

    Vicious Burger Thursday
    We got to see Neal Stephenson at Writers week today!! I had a split shift so I wandered down for the "Writer as reader" section of the day's events. Neal Stephenson rocks. Pity it was such a stinking hot day or there might have been a better turn out.

    Posted at 11:07 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    Bike Crash
    I had a bit of a bike crash today. It wasn't big. It was pretty amusing though. Phoebe and I were trying to ride and eat icecream at the same time. It worked for a while.. then we met a speed hump. Phoebe (who could only reach her front brake) went *splat*. I was sort of in shock and sort of laughing.. still trying to work out how I would deal with the speed hump and only having a front brake. I managed to get over the speed hump but unfortunately that left me crashing into Phoebe. We were pretty much okay but the icecream didn't really survive. :)

    Posted at 2:27 PM # | Comments

     Monday, March 01, 2004

    Under the Mountain, by Maurice Gee
    Under the Mountain, by Maurice Gee

    I was discussing this show with a bunch of people the other night only to discover that Alasdair actually knew what it was called. Apparently there are home made DVD's of the series floating around but no real ones. At least the book is available... This was one of the best series I ever saw.

    Posted at 1:04 PM # | Comments