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     Saturday, October 02, 2004


    I had a strange thought on my way to work. I have a horrible feeling someone is going to read the Adelaide Effect post and say "Hey, I know ALL of those people - who the fuck are you?". Then I thought about it a bit and realised that Annie can probably do that :) Since Katie and Emma have both spent their fair share of time on #adelaide too.. I think I should meet this Annie person. I probably *have* on #adelaide years ago but didn't know who she was.

    You know, last night I told a very bad joke and found myself having to explain to my boss what a double entendre was. By the end of the night everyone was making double entendres and screaming "Double Entendre!!" after wards. I think I've warped their minds for good. I got the final word when I left by saying "Come on.. Double entendre.. Give me one! Give me one!". I was half way out of the room when they all screamed "Double Entendre!" Bwahaha. Work will never be the same again.

    I was also told a story last night about one of our innocent newbies (Leanne) saying to a member "Sorry, I'll have to put you on hold - My computer's going down on me". Unfortunately for Lucie I was drinking beer when I was told that and I think she wore some. :)

    I had a funny day yesterday. I barely ate at all. I tried to eat breakfast but my body just didn't agree that it was a good idea. I was busy getting a gym membership at lunch. I ate a pile of chocolate and cheese in the afternoon and some chips during cards. All the drinks I had during cards went straight to my head. I was trying to convince Chailee and Lucie that I was right to walk home when I walked into a wall and killed all semblance of sobriety. Somehow it became very important to them that we went to The Treasury and drank some more. I have never been inside that place but I was very shocked at how many immaculately dressed girls there were - and exactly how many guys were wearing blue and while diagonally checkered shirts. I nearly fell over laughing when I saw about 6 of them together.

    Somehow, Jason decided it was worth coming to pick me up (Thanks Jason, you rock!) and now I owe him 37 minutes of favours. You know.. that didn't sound quite so bad when we thought it up. *hides*. Sarah, Jason & Abe came around and vegged out for a while with us - pretty cool since I haven't seen Abe for forever.  Wrapped up the night by chatting to Sean. All in all, a pretty cool day.

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